• How to properly care for your teeth and mouth

    The most important in the care of teeth is the choice of toothpaste. The teeth have three main enemies: sugar, plaque and lack of fluoride. And the latter is the main cause of the formation of caries. Choosing toothpaste, remember that a good tool should be clean from plaque, do not contain sugar and have fluoride in it.

    Important is the choice of brushes. The bristles of the toothbrush should be of medium hardness. It is recommended to change brushes every 3 months. Try not only to brush your teeth, but also your tongue. Since the language accumulates a huge number of microbes. Before bed, be sure to remove leftovers with a floss or floss. Dental floss is excellent against plaque, and also prevents the growth of bacteria.

    An excellent aid in the fight against caries and the formation of stones is a mouthwash. Try to use it after every meal. This will remove the remaining pieces of food, and the teeth will be covered with an anti-bacterial film.At home, you can use the infusion of St. John's wort, sage, nettle or oak bark as a conditioner.

    Eat right. Calcium is necessary for teeth, both milk and native. For this you need to eat sesame, raisins, peas, cottage cheese, milk and cheese. Vitamin D and phosphorus are also required. Make sure that your diet must include such foods: cod liver, fish oil, Atlantic herring, rabbit meat.

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