• How to prevent worms

    Most worms have complex developmental cycles and can change several hosts. However, there are parasites for which the human body is the only habitat at all stages of development. Most often children get worms, this is due to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene. Sources of worms eggs can be dirty fruits and vegetables, water, door handles, handrails in transport, and even banknotes and coins.
    Dangerous in terms of infection with helminths are pets. They carry the eggs of worms to wool, excrete them along with feces and just exhale. In some cases, the infection occurs through the skin, mucous membranes when bathing in infected waters. To avoid infection with worms, you must perform a number of preventive measures. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after visiting the street, toilet, contact with animals, the ground, as well as before eating. Cut off the nails on the hands and feet (especially in children).
    Thoroughly wash vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs and other products that could get soil and helminth eggs. Eat fish and meat purchased only in safe places (in trade and catering). Expose such products to thorough heat treatment. Use drinking water only from well-maintained water sources.
    Do not bathe in water bodies located near pastures and watering holes due to the high probability of the ingestion of helminth eggs with animal feces into them. Destroy flies and other insects that carry helminth eggs on their paws. Regularly conduct prophylactic deworming with drugs without performing preliminary laboratory tests. To avoid repeated infections with worms, such activities should be carried out simultaneously by all family members.
    Regular preventive de-worming of domestic animals is necessary, since they are the source of infection with worms. Prevention of infection with worms with the help of drugs should be performed only after medical consultation.Anthelmintic therapy reduces the number of cases of severe invasions and their complications. Preventive courses for taking special drugs spend in the spring, 1-2 months after the snow melts (April-May), as well as in the fall, when frosts come (October-November).

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