• How to preserve cucumbers?

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    How to preserve cucumbers?

    In winter, there are often not enough vitamins and fresh vegetables! But people came up with various ways of preparing vegetables for the future: salting, canning, pickling. Subject blanks for the winter is very wide, so today we will consider one of the issues relating to it: how to preserve cucumbers for the winter. Tell you about the general rules of canning, we give a couple of recipes.

    How to preserve cucumbers: general tips

    • For preservation, it is better to choose small, strong cucumbers, without damage.
    • Try to pick cucumbers of the same size for one container so that cucumbers can be preserved evenly.
    • It is better to use vegetables of oblong shape, not curved or without any other defects.
    • Since cucumbers are usually preserved in a can, consider its size: for cans 0. 5-1 l. use less cucumbers (about seven cm), and for 2-3-liter - ten centimeters.
    • If more than a day has passed since the day of harvest, then before conservation, they should be soaked in cold water for 6-12 hours.This is necessary to restore their freshness, and already canned cucumbers will then turn out crispy. If you want to preserve freshly picked cucumbers, you do not need to soak them, you just need to wash them. Such cucumbers are elastic, they have their own natural juice, they are well suited for preservation.
    • Any cucumbers are washed thoroughly before being preserved, and then the tips are cut off on both sides.

    Cucumber Preservation: Recipes

    Now consider the options for recipes canned cucumbers. In general, they are very similar, but additives and spices, which seem initially insignificant, give a special flavor note.

    Salted canned cucumbers


    • Salted cucumbersTwo kg of cucumbers;
    • dill, basil, tarragon (all greens about 50 g);
    • horseradish - a few leaves;
    • garlic - two cloves;
    • about 0, 5 cm hot pepper (pods);
    • one liter of water;
    • two art. spoons of salt.

    Cooking process

    1. Add salt to boiling water, dissolve, then cool the solution.
    2. Cucumbers and all other ingredients folded into the container and pour the solution.
    3. Cover the jar with a marleca and leave for two or three days
    4. After a specified time, the jar of cucumbers must be sterilized.Choose a pot where the jar of cucumbers goes. Put a jar in this pot of boiling water (carefully). Sterilize cucumbers in this way for about half an hour.
    5. Then seal the jar and cool it.

    Canned cucumbers with tomatoes

    Cucumbers with tomatoesNow consider how you can preserve cucumbers with tomatoes, as many housewives love to do.


    • Tomatoes and cucumbers in equal shares, for example, two kg each (hereinafter, the calculation of the ingredients is based on these figures);
    • three Bulgarian peppers;
    • garlic - one head;
    • dill umbrellas (about one umbrella per can);
    • Bay leaf;
    • bell pepper;
    • sugar;
    • salt;
    • vinegar (70%).

    Cooking process

    1. All vegetables wash, choose the best. Peppers to clear of entrails and cut into circles.
    2. At the bottom of the container to put all the spices (except sugar, salt and vinegar) and garlic.
    3. Then lay a layer of cucumbers, cucumbers - circles pepper.
    4. The next layer put the tomatoes, put the dill on top.
    5. Boil water and boiling pour cucumbers with tomatoes (take your time so that the banks do not burst). Let them stand for about 20 minutes.
    6. Then drain into a saucepan and add salt and sugar. Calculation: for 1 liter of water 2 tbsp. spoons of salt and 3 spoons of sugar.Thoroughly boil the marinade so that sugar and salt are well dissolved in it.
    7. Pour the marinade over the cans and add vinegar (70%). Calculation: for 1, 5 liter jar - half tsp. essences. Seal the banks, cool, put in a cold place.

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