• How to prepare for sex from behind

    First, you need to realize: why do you need it? In business, this means defining goal and motivation. Why do you go for it? As a rule, the initiator of anal sex becomes a man. He is curious, curious and just wants something new. The motive of the woman: to make a loved one nice. If you love him, then agree to this. If he loves you, he will take your every decision.
    So, you decided. Then run to the store - you need lubrication. It will make the process easier and more relaxed.
    Before you begin the main action, ask the man to try it with his finger. Thanks to this, you will know what you are about to expect. And also understand that it is not so scary.
    Excitement is what a man should focus on. The stronger the woman�s sexual desire, the easier it is for her to take unusual steps. The sexual desire of a man is also important: without a sure erection, it will be difficult to carry out our plans.
    Feel free to ask the man to move with less speed or amplitude if you are uncomfortable.
    If you are experiencing pain, then leave the idea to have anal sex. It is better to return to this issue later than to endure the pain. A loving man will always understand and support you.

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