• How to please the girl?

    There is no definite answer to the question of how to please a girl, but there are still general recommendations, and we will tell about it. But to begin with, we concretize: what girl? After all, it’s one thing to please a girl of 14 years old when it comes to teenagers, and quite another to almost an adult woman.

    Where to begin

    No matter what anyone says, you need to start with the look. Often you meet opinions that, say, it doesn't matter how you look, the main thing is your inner world and actions. Of course, this is the main thing! But only after you have already met a week or two. Our goal is to please, and one cannot do without a neat look. Put on your best clothes - fancy jeans, beautiful pants, fashionable shirt, and go to conquer your dream.

    The only remark: try to keep your clothes not old-fashioned. Whatever views the girl adheres to in this matter, the costume from the era of the 60s is unlikely to attract her. You also do not need to wear a tracksuit and sneakers, even if you are comfortable in them. We are not in training and not in competition.I repeat: this is a first impression with direct communication.

    How to communicate

    Now about how to behave and what to say to the girl. The main thing - do not extinguish. I understand that it is difficult to behave naturally and confidently if you are overwhelmed with feelings: you are afraid to do something wrong, blurt out something out of place, in a word, spoil the impression of yourself. Many withdraw themselves in such cases and are silent. However, few girls like silent guys who are also shy to the same. What to do in these cases?

    Understand that the girl does not bite, and that she is also the same person, with its own characteristics, and also, for sure, with a bunch of complexes. If she agreed to communicate with you at all, then, probably, not just out of sports interest. Yes, even if so, you have every chance to translate this sporting interest into a much deeper affection. Talk to her at least about anything. To start. If she is interested, she will pick up the conversation. If not, then you should not immediately rush to another topic. You should look solid and confident in her eyes. If the topic is not interesting to her, just say: "Ok" or "Good!" and smile.The very fact that you started a conversation with her, came to the first meeting in a neat and decent way, communicated with her politely and culturally (this, too, by the way, is highly recommended) - all this will take you to her.

    "Calm, only calm ...!"

    Then take your time. If you are a temperamental person, moderate your ardor. This is especially important in order to please a girl older than you. Remember that girls for the most part do not like overly persistent, even at times aggressive young people. Behaving assertively and violently, you can like a girl of 15 years old, but not 25. Therefore, all you need to do is to remind her regularly of your presence, to behave naturally in communication with her, but by no means vulgar and brazenly. If she does not want to discuss something, let her know that you really accept it, do not insist. You do not need long tirades like: "Well, if you do not want to discuss it, then we will not, I understand everything." - and so on in the same vein. It sounds pretentious and unnatural. Just say softly and calmly: "Well, we will not." You have to look solid - this is the quality that favors male and young virgins, and mature women.

    About interests and hobbies

    If her interests do not cause you a sense of absolute rejection, talk about them. If she loves music, movies, art, computer games, discuss it with her, but do not impose your addictions. You can voice them, talk about your hobbies, but in no case insist, if she is completely uninteresting. She will also love them (to the extent that she can), just like you are her interests, but then.

    What kind of guys girls like

    Girls love self-confident, but not self-confident; persistent but not arrogant; hard but not stubborn; soft but not rags. And, no less important, solid and versatile. People often ask - what is the first thing that women in men pay attention to? In addition to appearance and manners, there is another important quality - stability. This is a special feeling that arises in a woman when she is convinced that this man will be faithful only to her, no matter what happens, she will not change, she will not be repelled, she will always support. Therefore, starting to communicate with a girl, you do not need to talk about what kind of macho you are - this will most often produce only the opposite effect.

    Virtual acquaintance

    Look good confident and solid. And if you can not look solid? So surprise her with the breadth of your outlook, tell us what you love, what you like. This is especially true of how to please the girl in contact or in other social networks and forums. On the Internet, you can make a good impression, first of all, due to your outlook and calm manner of communication - it’s really not here that you don’t pump up and do not type too much on the keyboard. If you communicate on the Internet or by SMS with a girl who you already know personally, then you and cards in hand.

    How important it is to be natural

    Do not strain and communicate calmly and, if possible, naturally. Naturalness ... This concerns not only virtual dating. Just think how difficult it will be then to explain to your girlfriend that you are not what you seemed. This may be a disappointment in the future. Of course, everything is surmountable, but it is always better to be who you are. You need to suppress your anger and timidity, but not the true nature.

    How to like a girl in school

    In order to enjoy the same age, you must comply with two conditions:

    • stand out from the crowd
    • share her interests

    Over guys often laugh when they invent themselves unusual hobbies. But after all, they do it in order to be different from everyone else - what is wrong with that? One studies French and speaks it, another enrolls in the automobile section, the third goes to business courses. But often this is done solely for the purpose of attracting the attention of a certain person, to whom, without such hobbies, the boy would never have agreed to approach. Therefore, if you consider yourself unremarkable (this, of course, is not so, but then neither I nor anyone else can dissuade you), find yourself such a hobby or start dressing differently, in general - do not be all.

    Another condition for how to please a girl of 13 years old is to divide her interests and even her views on life. Here you do not need to break yourself, but you need to find one of her main interests or attitudes that does not cause you a negative attitude. And what if there are none? Then the counter question: do you really want to be with this girl? Yet there must be something in common between you. Love for animals, music, movies that both like, going to the club, etc. etc.

    How to like the ex-girlfriend

    It is both simple and difficult.Just because you know this person very well, you know about her manners, what to expect from her, almost everything about her hobbies. Is it difficult because you ever tried to change yourself? Not easy, right? In addition, violent actions do not lead to anything good, and repressed qualities then flare up with even greater force. So is there really no way out? There is. You must sincerely accept the fact that if you want to make your girlfriend happy, you will have to sacrifice something for her. It must be remembered that love and relationships are generally built primarily on mutual (!) Sacrifice. If this is not at least on the one hand, there can be no talk of a harmonious union. Or live alone - some live so well. But since you want to be together, you need to show that you are at least ready for something for her.

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