• How to play the stock market

    Start by learning the basics of stock trading.the market. Read the relevant literature, which today can be found both in ordinary (paper) and in electronic form. When reading, pay attention to the features of pricing onthe marketsecurities and derivative financial instruments, as well as ways to assess the market situation, which include fundamental and technical analysis.
    Take courses in basic knowledge coursesthe market. As a rule, reputable intermediary companies (brokers), providing an opportunity to enter the real market, organize free training. It can be full-time (seminars, workshops) and correspondence (distance learning). It is unlikely that you will receive an appropriate diploma or certificate at the end, but this is not what you need - it is more important to get the relevant knowledge and practical skills to play on the stock exchange.
    Try your hand at a demo account in the virtual securities trading mode. You won’t earn real money, but you won’t lose it either. The main thing when making transactions on a demo trading account is to understand the technique of work, the principles of profit and learn how to manage the trading terminal.
    Choose a broker company through which you will enter real trading (as a rule, transactions will be made on two Russian stock exchanges - MICEX and FORTS). Examine the terms of service, sign a contract for brokerage services. Deposit money into your trading account.
    Download the trade equipment from the official website of the broker (a program called a trading terminal). Install the software on your computer. Now you can start to perform operations on the stockthe market.
    During the game onthe marketstick to the chosen strategy, not allowing emotions to take over the mind. Limit your financial risks by insuring transactions (hedging). Learn to manage your finances, and one fine day you will have unlimited opportunities to achieve financial well-being.

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