• How to pickle red fish?

    Unfortunately, Russians do not often prefer to eat fish. We still eat more meat. But why not indulge yourself with a piece of red fish on a holiday prepared with his own hands. And so it’s time to answer the question of how to pickle red fish. Proper salting of red fish consists of several steps. On them in detail and dwell.

    We buy fish

    Not everyone is lucky to catch salmon, so we go to the nearest supermarket or market and choose a fresh trout, salmon, pink salmon or chum. You can find out how to pickle the first two types of salmon here: “How to pickle salmon?”, “How to pickle trout?”.

    And how to pickle the red fish of other varieties, we will tell you now. Let's dwell on the chum and try to cook it at home, following all the recommendations for salting this delicious product.

    • Do not buy cut fish. Do the cutting yourself.
    • Fish must be chilled or frozen, but not thawed.

    Preparing fish for the ambassador

    Becoming the happy owner of a chum salmon carcass, defrost it if necessary. Let the defrosting goes naturally. In the meantime, prepare a container for salt, salt itself, scissors, a sharp knife for cutting, a chopping board and oppression. Dishes worth taking plastic or enameled.


    • Cut off the head.
    • Remove scissors fins.
    • Cut the abdomen.
    • Do not throw milk, and even more so, caviar. Milk can be salted with a carcass. But cooking caviar is a separate conversation.
    • Make cuts to the left and right of the spine and carefully separate the bones. Usually they are easily removed. Then spread the carcass into two parts.

    Salt the fish

    From the preparation of the mixture for salting. We need a large salt, which is well absorbing moisture and well salting the carcass. For 3 parts of salt, take 1 part sugar. You will need 3 kilograms of chunks of dressed chickens for 1 kilogram. Important! Do not be afraid never to overdo it with salt when salting red fish. Such fish, like lard, takes in as much salt as is required. But you should not overwhelm her with pounds of salt either.

    Additional ingredients

    In addition to salt and sugar, as an additional ingredient, you can add bay leaf, pepper, and other spices to the mixture.Sometimes you can taste special mixtures of peppers and herbs for fish. But it is better not to get involved in them, so as not to discourage the noble fish smell at all and not spoil all the “taste moods” from absorbing this wonderful product.

    Salting time

    Place the prepared carcass on a uniform layer of the mixture with the skin facing down. Then cover it with the mixture on top. Cover it with a yoke and clean in a warm place for a couple of hours, and then send it for a day in the cold (preferably in the refrigerator). In a day salted chum salmon will flaunt on your table. If you have doubts about the freshness of the carcass, it is best to leave it in salt for up to 3 days, periodically turning and releasing the released liquid, while adding salting mixture. Definitely, do not buy fish with a scent, no matter how much the seller convinces you of its freshness. Chum salmon is not as fat as trout or salmon. So you can experiment with salting it, adding a little olive oil to it.

    And do not forget to thoroughly rinse all the tools and utensils in hot water several times, otherwise you risk to “enjoy” specific odors. Have a nice feast!

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