• How to pickle bream?

    Alik Mullahmetov
    Alik Mullahmetov
    April 12, 2013
    How to pickle bream?

    Any woman wants to surprise her husband, but if you pleasantly surprise him with healthy food, then this is doubly good! Bream is a fish that is very well salted, as it has many ways of salting and in any form it turns out very tasty and appetizing. How to pickle bream correctly, and most importantly, that it was also delicious? This question is asked every hostess at any age. We will tell about the dry salting of bream.

    How to pickle bream quickly and easily

    How to pickle bream in dry salting? Oh, I assure you, it is very easy! To make bream using this recipe, you don’t even need to go to the store, since dry pickling implies only rubbing up the fish with salt. In this case, you should know that if the fish is small or medium, then it is not necessary to remove its insides, and if the fish is large or larger than average, it is desirable to remove the intestines, bladder and other entrails from the fish, leaving only milk or eggs.

    Before the ambassador, rinse the bream well and cut it into equal pieces. For dry salting, you only need salt, preferably finely ground.Take the salt and the dish, in which you will salt the fish, salt a little empty bottom. Next, take one already cut piece of bream and wipe it with salt from all sides. Place the fish pieces tightly together. Do not forget to pour salt in the gills and in the internal cuts, so that the fish is better salted.

    Cover the fish with a lid and refrigerate. Fish salting is short, about 3-7 days. But if you made enough layers, then wait a little longer for the whole bream to be well salted.

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