• How to pickle beets?

    Kate flower
    Kate flower
    March 26, 2015
    How to pickle beets?

    Salting vegetables and mushrooms is a wonderful way to stock up healthy and tasty foods at the bungalow and prevent them from disappearing. Besides, salting is a great snack even on a festive table. Despite the fact that the process of salting different products is very similar, for salting each vegetable has its own secrets and features. Next, consider how to pickle beets.

    First way

    If you think that this process takes you a lot of time, do not worry. Salting beets is very simple and fast.


    • 1 kg of small beet;
    • 2 onions;
    • 3 bay leaves;
    • vegetable oil to taste;
    • salt.


    1. Be sure to wash the beets under running water, cut off the tops and tail.
    2. In the hot water for 15 minutes, blanch the beets, then dip it in cold water and wait for it to cool.
    3. After the beets have cooled, cut it into small slices.
    4. Wash, peel and peel the onions.
    5. Put the onion in the prepared sterilized jar on the bottom, then place the bay leaf and place the prepared beetroot on top.
    6. Top with salt to taste and cover with vegetable oil. You can use regular sunflower, but if you want to give a delicious flavor, use olive.
    7. Cover the jar with parchment paper and close the lid. Clean in a cold place.

    After a week, you can get a beetroot and start using it.

    Second way

    Brine is used for this salting method.


    • 2 kilograms of beets;
    • 3.5 liters of water;
    • 130 grams of salt.


    1. Rinse the beets thoroughly in running water and remove the tails and tops. Also, make sure that there are no black dots and dirt on the beets. If they remain, delete them.
    2. Blanching in this method is not necessary, but if you decide to do it, then proceed as in the recipe above: for 10-15 minutes, blanch the beets in hot water, then put in cold water and let cool.
    3. Cut the beets into small pieces.
    4. Prepare the brine: add salt to warm water and stir until it dissolves. So that the salt dissolves faster, sometimes water is boiled and salt is added to the boiling one,then cooled.
    5. Take the sterilized jars and place the beets in them, top with brine to the top.
    6. Cover the jar with parchment paper, close the lid and store in a cool place for 20-30 days.

    If you have not blanched the beets, it is better to remove it for 30-35 days before full readiness.

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