• How to pick up a gold brooch?

    Surely all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have heard that the best friends of girls are diamonds, and the best friends of real fashionistas are jewelry. And many will agree with this statement, because in a sense this is true, which has already been tested and proven more than once. And now let's talk with you about the gold brooches and find out how to select them correctly and what to be guided by when choosing.

    It used to be that it was right and proper to wear precious metal brooches on the lapel of a jacket, but times and fashion are changing rapidly, and now gold brooches are worn anywhere, absolutely everything is allowed. Recently, modern designers are increasingly offering to sell a huge selection of outfits already complete with brooches, but if you do not find such an outfit, remember that in any case, you can find an alternative and pick up any brooch that suits you and your favorite. Bright, beautiful and fashionable always attracts the maximum attention, so do not be afraid to decorate a simple thing with the most beautiful, bright, and fashionable decoration, namely a gold brooch.Experiment to the maximum, mixing a variety of styles and choosing what is perfect for your dress, and you will be the most compelling, attractive and vibrant.

    Vintage brooches will look great with casual or business clothes, and jewelry with large details and precious stones will be a peculiar highlight for evening dress. Yes, choosing a gold brooch, you need to remember one little trick that absolutely any form of brooches will suit slim girls and women, but designers who are plump are advised to turn their attention to brooches with smooth and rounded lines without massive elements and details.

    In general, as a rule, the form of a gold brooch is worth picking up under shoes, a bag or jewelry you already have. This is not at all difficult to do, if you wear a white gold and diamond ring, then under it you can easily and easily find an excellent brooch that will complement your look. If you have all the accessories have a slightly rounded shape, then, accordingly, the brooch should be round or with rounded edges, and if your shoes, for example, have sharp socks, then, of course, it will be better to look at the gold brooch slightly pointed the edges.The decoration will not look and be in harmony with your image, if you put it on in the same color as the outfit, so it will simply lose its purpose and appearance, and will not attract proper attention. Yes, it will be noticeable, but it will not bring any benefits to your side.

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