• How to paint jeans?

    Everyone has their favorite clothes. And often these are jeans that are dear to you as a gift, or as a memory. And even if they have lost their color, are covered with stains and their appearance is none, no one is in a hurry to throw them out. And rightly so. They are quite suitable for resuscitation. Sometimes after painting old things get super interesting colors and become very stylish.

    How to dye blue jeans?

    Blue is on sale practically in any economic or related to it shop in the form of powder or liquid. Painting jeans with this household dye is simple to disgrace. It is enough to dissolve the blue in warm (degrees 300C) water, while selecting the desired color saturation.

    For better fixation of paint will need to add a few tablespoons of salt. Dip your pants in this solution and leave for a few hours. After taking out the pants, fix the painting by rinsing them in vinegar. Note that this type of painting is far from ideal. Blueprint sheds and after a couple of washes, the painting will have to be repeated.

    Special means

    Before you paint jeans with acrylic paints or aniline dyes, you need to decide on the desired color. Here you can not only choose paint of any color, but also give it an interesting shade by adding a little different. It is important not to overdo it with the proportions and to comply with the recommendations of the manufacturer, otherwise the result may be unexpected and not always pleasant. Aniline dyes in use are simple, but less resistant than acrylic. Make sure the pants are clean and fat free. Otherwise, the paint will eventually flake off. And less read advertising manufacturers. Aniline paints from this shedding do not cease.

    Acrylic paints are more water resistant. They are easily diluted with water and washed off only until the first drying. After that, they do not react in any way to attempts to wash them or boil them. Do not give the fabric stiffness. Objectively strong and easy to use paint. Especially since they have a wide range of ready-made shades. Regardless of what paint you choose, pick up the wide dishes so that the fabric is placed in it freely, which means that it is evenly colored.Do not forget that the dye is deposited on the walls of the dishes, so wash it immediately.

    How to paint jeans manganese?

    The word “boiled” in the mid-eighties drove millions of fashionistas and fashionistas crazy. Over the decades, much has been forgotten, but designers are strongly reminded of those years, returning blouses, T-shirts and pants with this design to the catwalks.

    When painting using "potassium permanganate" boil thing is not necessary. Potassium permanganate (100g), reacting with a 9% solution of acetic acid, lightens the fabric. We grind a tablet of hydroperit and make an aqueous solution, which we now use to fix the picture with a sponge. Imitating modern fashion trends, you can create a sought-after pattern of strong wear with light, almost white small spots. Method: hard metal brush dipped in the first part and spray through the net.

    How to dye black jeans?

    Aniline dyes, a medium for fabric from an art salon or hair dye may be suitable as a dye. Manipulations are the same as for blue staining. The result is also somewhere nearby.

    Another thing, if you purchased a special tool for painting in a washing machine. There is no need to invent anything. According to the instructions, dilute the paint, pour it into the drum. After loading jeans set the mode of washing with boiling. Rinse the painted jeans in warm water by hand. Fix the painting, lowering jeans in cold water with vinegar, and again stretch in the machine. Do not worry, the paint does not wash out. “Fasten” the item again in vinegar. Is done.

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