• How to pack flowers?

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    How to pack flowers?

    Many believe that the best gift, universal and always in place, were and remain flowers! They can be given with equal success to both men and women on the occasion of any celebration. But a beautiful bouquet is not only flowers, but also original aesthetic packaging.

    How to pack a bouquet?

    In order to pack a bouquet you will need:

    • scissors;
    • rice paper;
    • decorative items for decoration. For example: �
      • tapes,
      • braid,
      • bows,
      • reticulum,
      • lace,
      • leaves, etc.
    • Flowers, one or more species.

    Fold the flowers in a bouquet, try to find a good combination of shades and nature of the plants (some are simply incompatible and in the bouquet "interfere" with each other). An experienced florist can assist in the selection.

    To the bouquet did not crumble, the stalks at its base rewind tape. As a wrapping paper, use a floral net, it will advantageously emphasize the beauty and harmony of the inflorescences and will hide all the roughness allowed during packaging.

    You can use corrugated paper - the flowers in it look easy and gentle, but remember that this material is very fragile and under unfavorable weather conditions will quickly become unusable.

    The satin ribbon will look very beautiful, wrapped around the stems of the bouquet in three cups. The tape can be successfully replaced by lace, thin organza or non-woven fabric.

    In some flower arrangements, bows, beads or butterflies are used as decorative ornaments. This allows you to create an exclusive, which has no analogues, but you need to be careful with the number of elements in order not to overload the bouquet.

    How beautiful to pack flowers in a pot?

    As a gift, you can use not familiar to us all the bouquets, and flowers in a pot. But they should be beautifully packaged before delivery:

    1st method.

    Cut a circle out of thin wrapping paper. Its size should be such that by placing the flower in the center, you can raise the edges of the circle 7 cm above the edges of the pot, making a kind of �bag�. Form the sides of the fold, tie up the paper with a bright ribbon and decorate with a bow;

    2nd way.

    In the center of a square sheet of paper (you can take a beautiful colored cardboard) put a pot with a flower.Fold the two opposite sides of the sheet and attach them to the pot, repeat for the other two sides. You will receive a beautiful box, in the center of which will be your pot of flowers. Decorate it with beads, feathers, lace or ribbons.

    How long to preserve the freshness of the bouquet?

    There are secrets to preserve the appearance of the bouquet when it is transported on the street during the cold season. You will be rescued by:

    • wrapping paper. You can replace the newspaper, but be sure to wrap the bouquet in three layers;
    • bubble wrap. If there is no paper, it will do, only the time it takes for flowers to be in it is rather limited. Condensation may form inside, which is completely undesirable in the cold;
    • wool thing. It can be a scarf, a scarf or a piece of felt.

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