• How to open mdf?

    November 4, 2014
    How to open mdf?

    A file in MDF format is a disk image that can be written to a real disk, or it can be connected to the system as a virtual medium and use it as usual. The MDF format may include installation disks for operating systems, programs, and games. Special programs are used to work with such files. In this article we will explain how to open the MDF format using the free DAEMON Tools Lite application for Windows, and also list the ways to use MDF in other operating systems. You may also be interested in the article How to open the mdf file.

    How to open MDF in DAEMON Tools Lite

    DAEMON Tools Lite is free. After downloading, double click on the installation file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Be careful: at the last stage, you will be offered to install Yandex.Browser along with DAEMON Tools Lite, making it the default browser. If you do not need this, clear all the checkboxes before clicking the “Finish” button.

    Run DAEMON Tools Lite. In the program window, click the button “Add image” in the form of a disk with a green plus sign and specify the path to the MDF file you want to use. After that, it will appear in the upper part of the window in the “Image Catalog” list.To open this image, select it and click on the green “Mount” button. The image will be connected to the system as a normal disk, and you will see it in the “Computer” window along with hard disks and CD / DVD.

    When you finish working with the image, simply click on it with the right mouse button in the “Computer” window and select the “Extract” option. Or, in the DAEMON Tools Lite window, select the file in the list of images and click the gray “Unmount” button.

    How to Open a .mdf File on Mac and Linux

    In order to open the MDF file in Mac OS X, it is enough to change its extension from .mdf to .iso. After that, you can double-click on the file so that it connects to the system like a regular drive.

    In Linux, you can use AcetoneISO to work with MDF images. In addition, it is possible to mount an image using the mount command of the mount -o loop type mdf_file.mdf / media / virtcd, where / media / virtcd is the directory where the image will be mounted.

    You can also convert the MDF file to ISO using the mdf2iso utility. To do this, you need to install it and execute the command mdf2iso mdf_file.mdf mdf_file.iso. Then the converted image can be connected using any program that supports work with ISO.

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