• How to make wine from apples?

    What is the most delicious and healthy? Many believe that it is a fruit. And right. What can be cooked from them? Yes, anything. Compote, jelly, fruit salad. There is one pleasure fruit. And how nice to enjoy them, a little hoping. And how to achieve this state? The correct answer is to make wine. Wine can be made from any kind of fruit. Traditional or classic wine is considered to be from grapes. In this article we will talk not about wine from grapes, but about wine from apples.

    Algorithm vintage

    • Wine from apples is very helpful to drink. Therefore, it is proposed to take a few apples are not wormy and not rotten. If they are wormy and rotten, then it is necessary to remove the corruption in the products and the core with seeds. Apples can not wash. Only very dirty apples are washed. How to make apple wine? So, this was all preparation for squeezing the juice out of the apples through a juicer. If there is no juicer, it is enough just to grate the apples on a grater and squeeze through gauze. In any of the ways we get a liquid apple sauce, which is placed in a container with a wide neck for several days. Three days is enough for this. During this time the mash is stratified.People say that it breaks up into juice and pulp. Because of this, it must be mixed.
    • On the third day, the mass is stirred and left for another day. The pulp rises. It should be removed. In the tank remains muddy wort. It began to roam. How to determine how wine roams? This can be understood by smell. The smell of fermentation is known to all. Also, fermentation of wine is accompanied by the appearance of bubbles.
    • Add sugar to the remaining wort. Per liter about a glass, which corresponds to 250 grams. The amount of sugar depends on how the wine will be - semi-sweet, dry or sweet. And accordingly, the strength of the wine depends on how much sugar we put into it. Everyone chooses what he wants to receive as a result. And remember a simple axiom: the sweeter the apples, the less it is to put sugar.
    • Now we are waiting for the apples to start roaming. In order for the apples to wander, take a container that can be sealed. What is a sealed container for? It is necessary not to get apple cider vinegar from apples. To do this, you can take a glass bottle or barrel. And so that the container was sealed you can use any plastic materials. For example, plasticine.
    • The vessel is not fully filled. Leaving space for foam. Accordingly, it is filled at 4/5 by height. The foam will start to stand out in the fermentation process. In order not to disturb the fermentation process, we insert a tube into the container. One end of the tube should be located in the vessel above the foam. The second vessel is immersed in a glass of water. It will also be necessary to ensure the removal of gases generated during fermentation
    • Homemade wine from apples already at the last stage of readiness. So. After the wine has settled, it is poured into another container. This is done in order to remove the sediment. Over the next 2-3 months, it is advisable to leave the wine to ripen and to settle.

    Wine ready

    So, from the step-by-step algorithm for making wine from apples is very easy to figure out how to make homemade wine from apples. It is important not to wash the apples, do not peel the skin. Since it is in the peel contains a large amount of yeast. Next step is obtaining and settling the juice, adding sugar and fermentation. Well, the final stage is maturation. Although this stage can be skipped, because the wine is ready to drink.

    You can pour the wine with a tube.You can start with lightened upper layers.

    The recipe for apple wine is now at your disposal. Help yourself and treat people close to you. Even King Solomon said that there is no better pastime than drinking wine.

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