• How to make paper craft?

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    How to make paper craft?

    Paper provides ample opportunity for the manifestation of creative abilities. Perhaps the most common art of origami, it is quite easy to master. The main thing - start with the best possible tasks, so you will get the impression of success.

    First try to make a tulip - it is simple in execution, besides, you will be able to please your loved one by attaching it to the main gift. Or you can make a whole bunch of tulips, so you can practice and a small gift will be ready.

    How to make a tulip

    So, in order to make a tulip, you need paper, you can use multi-colored sheets to make the craft more realistic and less boring.

    1. A sheet of paper should be square, not rectangular, so if you have an A4 sheet, cut the unwanted part.
    2. Begin to outline the lines of the folds, to do this, fold the sheet diagonally in half.
    3. Bend the sheet and bend it again, but this time in the opposite direction.
    4. Now you need a folded sheet of paper folded again, but in half as usual, in the shape of a rectangle. Do not forget that everything must be done carefully.
    5. After all done, do not unbend the sheet, you need to bend the two corners inward, the folds for which were made in the first two stages.
    6. We continue to fold - bend the lateral angles upwards, on each side.From paper
    7. You got a kind of square, which will unbend. To do this, gently fold it in half diagonally, fold one of the corners to the middle so that it slightly goes beyond the edge of the line, with the second corner do the same, make sure that it goes beyond the right. Do the same with the other side of the square.
    8. There are very few, and the tulip will turn out. At the bottom of your craft there is a hole through which you need to inflate the tulip so that it becomes bulky.
    9. Now bend the corners, forming the petals of the tulip, it remains only to make the stem for our tulip - it is much easier to insert the stem into the hole that is located at the bottom of the tulip. Optionally, you can fix the stem with glue and paint the tulip itself.

    Now you know how to make an article out of paper, in this case a tulip. If you are interested in what crafts can be made from paper yet, take a look at the Crafts section, in the article How to make paper crafts, you can learn interesting ideas that will help you to decorate your apartment.

    As you can see, you can do anything you want from paper (or almost everything), the main thing is to learn, and soon you will be able to work wonders on your own!

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