• How to make a lizun?

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    How to make a lizun?

    In this article we will tell you about how you can make a lizuna at home. Such lizun will not be toxic or harmful. We will give a few safe ways to manufacture this toy. To make a lizun is a snap!

    Slim (English Slime) - a toy that was first released in 1976 by Mattel. The toy consists of a viscous material, more like jelly, and has the properties of non-Newtonian fluid. In 1976, the main component of slim was guar gum. Slim had a green color and was sold in a special plastic jar. In the post-Soviet era, Slim has become known as "Lizun".

    How to make lizuna out of water and glue

    • We buy PVA glue in the store. Just pay attention to the fact that the glue is white and fresh. For lizuna we need 100 grams.
    • Then take a glass of water at room temperature.
    • In addition, we will need a borax, known as sodium tetraborate. It is required to use a solution of 4% or ordinary powder. Borax can be bought at any pharmacy without any restrictions.Sodium tetraborate is often used by jewelers and is sold in a store with chemical reagents or in radio goods.
    • In order to make the lizun more visual, it is worth choosing a color. Any food dye or gouache is suitable for color.
    • Take care of the container in which you will mix the ingredients.

    Take 1/4 cup of water and the same amount of glue, mix. Then add the dye to the mass. If borax powder, dissolve one tablespoon in water. If you are using borax solution, use it immediately. Interfering with a homogeneous adhesive mass, we gradually add a borax solution (about half a glass) to it. Lizun ready. In order to lizun not lose its properties as long as possible, keep it in a cool place and in a closed container, for example, in a small jar. Make sure that the salt does not fall inside the lizun, otherwise the composition of the lizun will become heterogeneous. If you find that the lizun has begun to lose its original properties, make a new toy. Some advise in case lizun became brittle, add some water to it. Isolate the toy from contact with clothing or carpet, as it instantly catches small villi.After playing with a lizun, be sure to wash your hands and places of contact with the toy.

    How do kids make sodium-free lizun with starch and glue

    What we need:

    • Prepare for the lizun liquid school glue. It should be white.
    • Then take care of the starch. Starch without problems can be purchased at the hardware store (usually starch is used for starching linen).
    • In order for the toy to become colored, let's not forget about the green food dye.
    • We need a plastic bag as a container for mixing the mass.

    Take a bag and pour into it 1/3 cup of liquid starch, adding a couple of droplets of dye. In the package with starch add? glasses of thick glue. The mass must be thoroughly mixed until a clot appears. If there is some liquid left, the lizuna must be removed from the bag and allowed to flow.

    How do kids lizun using alcohol

    In order to make a lizun using alcohol, we need:

    • Polyvinyl alcohol (dry powder)
    • Sodium borate (borax), which can be purchased at any pharmacy
    • Water
    • Food coloring

    Take the enameled container and place polyvinyl alcohol in it.Separate it as indicated on the package. But it is not necessary for time to part all pack. Place the container for 45 minutes on moderate heat, do not forget to stir, otherwise it may burn. Then cool. In a glass of warm water, add 2 tablespoons of sodium borate powder. Wait for the powder crystals to disperse, then the solution needs to be drained. In a ratio of 3 to 1, combine the alcohol solution and sodium borate. Gradually, the substance will turn into mucus. The last stage of making lizun devote his tint. Want to give a lick a pleasant smell? Add a couple of drops of essential oil. At will in the process of making toys, you can add sparkles.

    The toy "Lizun" is not at all a useless thing, because with its help the child develops motor activity and fine motor skills of the hands. This is a toy that a child cannot break, since the lizun can be twisted, crumpled and thrown as much as you like. However, it is worth explaining to the child that the lizuna cannot be thrown anywhere. Make sure that the toy does not fall on the surface covered with lime, water-based paints and other materials that are not amenable to wet processing.Otherwise, there will be an ugly fat trail on the surface, which will be difficult to get rid of. Despite the fact that Lizun is a safe enough toy, make sure that the child does not take the toy in his mouth, because It contains chemicals.

    On popular resources you can find video tutorials lizuna. To do this, just enter a query in the video search bar, for example, “how to make a lizun out of paper”, “how to make a lizuna from glue” or “how to make a lizun without a borax”.

    Now you know how to make lizun do it yourself. Try to invite your child to keep you company. After all, such joint activities bring together and give pleasure to the whole family!

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