• How to make land surveying

    What is the need for land boundaries

    Determine the coordinates of the boundaries of the land plot, not only so that its owner can fence and use it, but also to register it as a property in the land cadastre chamber and the Federal Registration Service. You simply will not be able to perform any operations with your land plot - neither to sell, donate, nor to lease it - until it is registered and registered in the Unified State Register (The Uniform State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions with It). Confirmation of your right to this property is a certificate of ownership, which the Federal Registration Service authorities issue only after information about the site and its boundaries are entered into the USRR.
    In addition, the boundary survey allows to solve controversial issues and coordinate these boundaries with the owners of neighboring sites. Such coordination must be carried out in accordance with the Federal Law of 24.07.2007 No. 221-ФЗ “On the State Real Estate Cadastre”, adopted by the State Duma.Solving such questions, drawn up by the acts of agreement signed by all the parties, makes it possible to do without going to court and to avoid further disagreements between the neighbors. The boundaries of the land, established using topographic survey in the process of surveying, are recorded in the relevant document.

    How to make a survey

    At present, the document confirming the conduct of the survey is the "Land-Boundary Plan". Only specialized topographic and geodesic organizations that have the approval of a relevant professional SRO, as well as certified cadastral engineers who work as individual private entrepreneurs have the right to make it on the request of the site owner.
    To carry out the survey, you will need to submit to the contractor the original and a copy of the title document on the land, as well as all title documents, on the basis of which you obtained the ownership or lease on this site. In addition, you will need to present an extract from the State Land Cadastre, a situational plan of the site and a copy from the master plan of the territory, on which the borders and owners of adjacent plots are also marked.The package of necessary documents also includes a certificate stating that the site is not under arrest and does not contain encumbrances that prohibit its use for specified purposes.

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