• How to make free calls to MTS?

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    How to make free calls to MTS?

    MTS subscribers can save their money on calls within the network. If you use the Super MTS tariff plan, then by connecting the �Call Free to MTS of Russia 100� option, you will be given 100 free minutes within the network in your home region and 100 minutes throughout Russia. Free minutes will be charged once a day.

    There is another option, how to call for free on the MTS, but in this case the interlocutor will pay for the conversation. You can learn more about this from the article - How to call at the expense of the interlocutor.

    How to make free calls to MTS via the Internet

    To call for free on the MTS, you need to install a special program on your phone or laptop. For example, the popular Skype program allows you to make calls to any numbers. But you can call on MTS only if you have already paid unlimited communication for a month.

    It is possible to make absolutely free cellular calls through the FreeCall program, which you can download. You will be given 300 free minutes per week to make calls to all operators, including at MTS.

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