• How to make clay clay ghosts

    Ghosts are evil or kind, insidious or awkward, sentimental or stale. In any case, it is just a figment of the imagination of man, as he comes up with this creature, so it will be. Of course, in fact, ghosts do not happen, they should not be afraid at all. Repeat this again and again for children if they are afraid of the dark or do not want to stay at home alone.

    And in order to completely dispel all the myths, make a couple of charming otherworldly creatures out of clay with the children. This lesson explains how to do this. And what character will be obtained from the toys, you come up with yourself. Maybe they will always argue or slander each other, and maybe they will live together and do everything together.

    The proposed hand-made article is a great Halloween souvenir or gift to a friend. Oddly enough, many children are interested in various non-material beings.And now there was an opportunity to fantasize and do it yourself.

    Ghosts of clay

    Ghosts of plasticine with your own hands

    What can be used to make two cute and absolutely not fearless ghosts:

    • White and purple plasticine;
    • A thin wooden stick or stack.

    How to make a couple of ghosts

    Crafts for celebrating Halloween - it's always unusual. You must admit that it is not every day that children create with their own hands witches, vampires or ghosts, as in this case. Therefore, on the one hand, it is very interesting, on the other - there is a reason to stop being afraid of dark demons.

    The white ghost with black holes instead of eyes is a classic. Very often these creatures are depicted as such, but why make your own version, for example, purple, like ours. So, in this lesson we blind two figures of different colors in narrow witch caps - white and purple ghosts. Roll balls of plasticine pieces of selected colors.

    Ghosts of clay with their own hands

    Press each ball with your fingers on the sides and, pressing it down to the board, pull the mass down to get elongated slides. This form will be the main, blanks are ghost dresses.

    Stack down on the clay below and pull it down, leaving short grooves. Do such a trick around the circumference. This will be a kind of folds on the dress.

    And now for the creation of attractive faces. Our task is to make absolutely horrible horror films, and therefore our faces should be funny. With a white figure, make black eyes of different sizes, a large scar instead of a twisted mouth. Violet has slanted yellow eyes, a mouth and a drop of blood spread on its side. Let the blood be yellow, so as not to frighten anyone.

    Our figures will immediately fly to Halloween, perhaps it will even be a costume ball. Therefore, we need to make them additional accessories - crumpled hats, caps.

    Usually, witches' hats are black and gloomy, but since we sculpt a bright hack, we will also take colored clay to make these details.Pull out 2 thin long cones, in a narrow part bend, bottom pour flat cakes of the same color.

    Hats ready. It remains only to put them on the head bosom friends. Now the ghosts are really funny.

    Halloween craft is ready. We used clay - the material most loved by children.

    The author of the master class is Elena Nikolaeva.

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