• How to make chocolate at home

    The number of sweet lovers around the world is growing every year. The shelves of shops are full of a variety of confectionery, but it is often so difficult to understand what lies behind these shiny labels in the composition of so favorite sweets. In order not to worry and not to guess, you can make chocolate at home from natural ingredients.

    The preparation of cottage cheese, mayonnaise, yoghurt and chocolate at home is gaining popularity. Having studied several requirements related to the technology of preparation, and having prepared the necessary ingredients, you yourself get a natural product without additives and dyes.

    Do not think that it will take a lot of time, not at all. In the article, I will reveal the secrets of making delicious natural delicacies with minimal effort and time.

    Recipes will suit adults and children, people who are allergic and overweight, those who monitor food.The compositions are selected in such a way that the sugar content is minimized, using different kinds of fillers from natural raw materials, without dyes, preservatives and food additives.

    Caloric content of homemade chocolate

    Milk and white chocolate segments

    Caloric content does not exceed the limits of the allowable daily allowance, and promotes proper maintenance of body energy.

    In% of daily norm **:

    • Proteins: 10.95 g - 16%;
    • Fats: 25.61 g - 34%;
    • Carbohydrates: 30.65 g - 11%.

    Total: 350.30 kcal per 100 grams and 1466 kJ - 17%.

    * The average value is calculated from data from various sources.
    ** The value is based on a diet based on 2000 kcal / day.

    General principles of preparation

    Remember, the pledge of any delicious food is high-quality and fresh products. The most important components of any chocolate: cocoa powder, butter, sugar (can be replaced with honey) and various fillings for every taste. By purchasing low-quality raw materials in small quantities, not observing the proportion of the prescription, you may be disappointed in the result, having received a product of poor quality.

    When preparing chocolate at home, do not forget: dessert is afraid of high temperatures.The maximum acceptable cooking temperature is 33 degrees Celsius. If the kitchen does not have a special thermometer, do not be discouraged, you can measure the temperature by dropping a little mixture on the back of the palm. If you feel an unpleasant sensation, like a burn, it is likely that the temperature is too high.

    Experienced chocolate is advised not to cook chocolate on an open fire. The most advantageous device for making a chocolate mixture is a steamer or a water bath.

    Do not overestimate your abilities: do not try to cook chocolate in a large scale, like your kitchen is an industrial production or a confectionery factory. Start small, this expression can not be better relates to the initial stage of cooking a home product.

    The classic recipe for milk chocolate

    Milk chocolate

    Armed with the basic rules of cooking, boldly start cooking.

    It is easy to find the right ingredients for the recipe, they are all presented in a wide range in any grocery store.

    • Cocoa beans (grated) - 100 g;
    • Cocoa butter - 50 g;
    • Milk condensed - 3 - 4 tsp;
    • Milk is dry (if you want more milk chocolate) - 1 - 2 tsp;
    • For the filling: raisins, nuts, candied fruits.
    How to cook:

    Advice! To reduce the cooking time, use grated cocoa and chop the small pieces of cocoa butter in advance.

    1. Lay the cocoa products in a cup for the microwave oven and reheat at a maximum power of 2 to 4 minutes. If the microwave oven is not powerful enough, increase the time. If there is no microwave oven, use a water bath and soak cocoa ingredients over a small fire.
    2. Introduce a few teaspoons of condensed milk (depending on how you like, you can increase the dose) and add the milk powder. In the classic chocolate recipe, the content of cocoa beans is at least 31%, and the most important feature is the addition of sugar instead of sugar.
    3. At the minimum speed of the mixer, whisk the mixture, gradually increasing the speed, moving to the maximum. As the future chocolate is thick enough in consistency, so that the layers do not separate, whisk for a long time and carefully, about 10 minutes.
    4. If the initially whipped product resembled a glaze, and after it becomes more and more dense, it means that everything is done correctly. At the climax, it will resemble a dough, as if stuck to the coronet.
    5. We add favorite fillings as fillings (nuts, raisins, coconut shavings, candied fruits, wafer crumbs), slowly mix, you can just spoon, without using a mixer.

    The dish is ready for the final stage of cooking. Pour the resulting contents into shapes, then shake them lightly, to compact the raw materials, and refrigerate for 2 to 2.5 hours. Stunningly delicious classic milk chocolate is ready for use.

    Video Recipe

    Bitter Belgian chocolate

    I bring to your attention a recipe for bitter Belgian chocolate without cocoa butter, which is suitable for true connoisseurs of taste.

    • 100 g of cocoa powder;
    • About 50 g of butter;
    • A teaspoon of sugar.
    1. Sliced ​​small pieces of oil in a water bath or a small fire, then add sugar and cocoa. The mixture of consistency resembles sour cream, which means you are on the right track.
    2. We bring the resulting mixture to a boil, stirring all the time, cook some more time.
    3. After letting cool slightly, pour into the mold and cool in the refrigerator for 2.5 - 3 hours.

    The delicious bitter Belgian chocolate is ready.

    Vanilla chocolate with nuts and dried fruits

    Chocolate with nuts and dried fruits

    Take as a basis the already well-known classic recipe and prepare vanilla chocolate with the addition of dried fruits and nuts, so loved by everyone from childhood.

    • Cocoa powder - 4 tablespoons;
    • Milk whole fresh - 100 milliliters;
    • Butter - 125 grams;
    • Sugar sand - 1 glass;
    • Raisins, dried fruits and walnuts - 40 - 50 grams;
    • Vanillin - 0.5 teaspoon.
    1. On barely noticeable fire in a water bath, heat the milk. Gradually add vanillin and sugar, while always stir for complete dissolution of the ingredients.
    2. On another burner (you can in another water bath) melt the butter and add to the first mixture.
    3. In the combined mixtures, pour in the cocoa powder, always stirring incessantly to prevent the formation of lumps.
    4. For 30 minutes, the resulting product should be kept on a small fire in a water bath.
    5. Pre-chop the stuffing to the chocolate mixture, stirring to a homogeneous mass.
    6. Pour into the forms and place in the fridge for 2 hours, until completely solidified.

    Wonderful vanilla chocolate with nuts and dried fruits is ready, pleasant appetite!

    Video Cooking

    How to make hot chocolate

    In the modern world it is impossible to imagine a cafe or restaurant without hot chocolate on the menu. Pleasantly fragrant and deliciously warming, he is an indispensable assistant in creating a romantic atmosphere. Guided by the skills already acquired, we will prepare this amazing drink at home.

    Important! Hot chocolate should be prepared only on the basis of milk. In no case should not be confused with cocoa, prepared from cocoa beans.

    • Tile of black chocolate (without additives) - 100 grams;
    • Milk - 800 ml;
    • Water - 3 tablespoons;
    • Sugar - to taste;
    • Cream whipped (optional).

    Important! The product does not tolerate high temperatures, so the resulting mixture is not brought to a boil.

    1. Chopped small pieces of chocolate to heat, adding water, in a microwave oven or on gas in a barely noticeable fire.
    2. Milk pre-warm, pour melted tiles, add sugar if desired and shake thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency in color.

    Hot chocolate, cooked independently in the home kitchen, is ready. You can add whipped cream, this will give a great flavor to the taste.

    Video Recipe

    Helpful Tips

    Based on the information received, let us summarize some of the tricks about what tricks it is worth remembering for achieving an excellent result.

    • The amount of cocoa in chocolate depends not only how bitter it will be, but also on its hardness.
    • If you use flour during cooking, and the dessert can not freeze in the refrigerator, add more.
    • If you want to get not only tasty, but also useful chocolate, replace the usual white sugar, with brown reed. Its composition is rich in minerals and macro and micro elements useful to the body.
    • If you need a harder chocolate, cool it in the freezer, and not in the refrigerator.
    • Experienced chocolate is advised not to replace milk with water, even if such an action is dictated by the recipe. From this dish will become less tasty and nutritious.
    • Adding the filling layers, alternately, avoid its flow.
    • Chocolate products are better extracted from silicone molds.

    In the world of a diverse range of different confectionery products, it is difficult to remain independent. Consumption of chocolate increases every year. Large demand pushes manufacturers to increase production in order to obtain greater profits, saving on the quality of the final product.In the era of chemical additives and flavor substitutes for real gourmets, and just for chocolate lovers, it is only possible to cook it at home.

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    In the article I introduced you to the main and most important tricks of cooking. Having mastered them, you can easily and special expenses pamper yourself and loved ones not only with a delicious dessert, but also with a variety of its kinds.

    The main thing is that the chocolate turns out to be absolutely natural, without dyes and additives, not causing allergies and with a low sugar content. It is safe to give to children, and there will be no more hysteria in the store at the counter with sweets.

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