• How to make an artificial vagina?

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    How to make an artificial vagina?

    Sometimes there are situations that there is no one around who could caress you. In this case, it is worth thinking about how to make a vagina at home, which in quality would not be inferior to the original. We offer you to read our recommendations.

    If you decide to make an artificial vagina at home, you can use one of the proposed methods.

    Bank of chips and foam

    In order to make a vagina with your own hands in this way, you will need:

    • oblong shaped can of chips;
    • foam rubber;
    • condom;
    • heavy ring (in diameter coinciding with the diameter of the condom);
    • scissors;
    • marker.


    1. Fully unfold the condom and put the ring on its bottom.
    2. We put the condom on foam rubber and measure the length of the condom, cut off all the excess.
    3. We put a small piece of foam rubber on the bottom of the can.
    4. We wrap the condom with foam rubber, and from the side of the ring we make a small incision so that the air escapes.
    5. We put foam rubber with a condom in a jar and on the upper side we draw lips with a marker of pink or red colors.
    6. We pull a little condom out of foam rubber and stretch it on the jar. So you can make a homemade vagina.

    It is worth noting that when you reapply the condom must be replaced.

    Sock vagina

    If you do not have much time, and you want to enjoy it right now, you can make a so-called home vagina. To do this, prepare:

    • sock;
    • condom;
    • ping pong ball;
    • dishwashing sponges - 4 pcs;
    • glass.

    Manufacturing progress

    1. Unpack the condom and put the ball on the bottom.
    2. Cover the condom with sponges, soft side to the condom.
    3. We pack our design in a sock, which we put in a glass.
    4. We wrap the edge of the glass with the edge of the sock and the condom.

    Foam Vagina

    Another simple way to create a vagina.

    1. We take foam rubber and wrap them a condom.
    2. Fix the design with gum.
    3. We stretch the end of the condom on foam rubber, apply lubricant and homemade tools are ready.

    Starch vagina

    If you want to make a vagina at home so that it resembles a real female organ, you can use starch.

    1. Fill the glass with starch to half, add water and mix.
    2. Then set for 30 seconds in the microwave.
    3. We take out a glass, make a hole in the starch in the middle, and put it in the microwave again.
    4. After 30 seconds, we take out and fix the handle from the rolling pin in the hole and send it to the fridge. When the product hardens, it can be used.

    It is worth noting that the starch will begin to melt only at a temperature of 58 degrees.

    Disadvantages of homemade vagina

    1. A condom can break, and you rub the sexual organ with a sponge or foam rubber.
    2. Some devices can not convey the right feelings.
    3. For a long time to construct this device for individual pleasures.

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