• How to make a snowman costume?

    All the kids are waiting for the winter season with a special look. After all, everything is covered with snow. Yes, and besides, in all kindergartens and schools, one after another, Christmas parties will be held. Let's take a look at this article on how to make a new year snowman costume. Currently, many children prefer to come to the matinees in the costumes of their favorite cartoon characters. If your baby wants to become a snowman, then boldly turn on your imagination and start creating a costume.

    Important nuances

    But do not forget that to proceed in the creation of a suit, preferably from the sex of your child. If you have a girl, then a lush white sundress or a dress can be the basis of the costume. And if you have a boy, you can wear a jumpsuit or make a spherical design. By the way, such constructions are suitable for both sexes. The main thing that your child liked the costume, and there was a desire to quickly wear it.

    Frame construction

    In order to make a snowman costume with your own hands, you need:

    • Buy two balloons.
    • Inflate the balls so that one is larger and the other smaller.
    • After that, they should be wrapped with white thread and covered with a layer of PVA glue. Repeat this procedure several times.
    • Let the balls dry.
    • Now you need to pierce the balloons. Thus, we have two round designs.
    • Fasten them together and make holes for the arms and head.
    • Fold the resulting structure with a white padding polyester and proceed to the decoration.
    • You can decorate your suit with a rain, sew huge buttons on it.
    • Be sure to complement the image with felt boots, also trimmed with padding polyester, and a scarf wrapped around the neck and nose-carrot.

    In practice, this costume is not very convenient to use, as it is inconvenient to sit and dance in it, but, in it, your child will look very impressive.

    The easiest and most original costume

    Making a snowman costume is easy.

    • For girls, you can buy or sew a white, fluffy dress, and attach a rubber band to the hem. She will do the assembly on the fabric.
    • The boy can be dressed in a white turtleneck and white shorts, just putting them on the bottom edge.
    • Be sure to gird the child with a wide belt and sew buttons to the suit. 4. Decorate the costume with rain and do not forget about the broom, bucket and nose-carrot.

    Practical model

    The most practical suit of a snowman is a jumpsuit. It is convenient to jump and run and dance on the matinee.

    • First you need to sew in accordance with the desired size, from satin or fleece, jumpsuit.
    • On the bottom edge of both legs sew gum so that it clasp material. Do the same with the sleeves.
    • Surely sew the hood and on the edge, too, attach the band.
    • Do not forget to strengthen the similarity sew gum and waist.
    • Sew on the jumpsuit big buttons, decorate with rain, wear mittens and a scarf.
    • If you want, you can make a bucket out of cardboard, sheathe it with a silver fabric and put it on your head.
    • With the help of blush, mom can make her little snowman bright cheeks and go to the matinee.

    Now you know how to make a snowman costume. He will create your child a festive mood and turn an ordinary matinee into an unforgettable holiday.

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