• How to make a shooting gun?

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    How to make a shooting gun?

    You can make a shooting gun in completely different ways and from all sorts of materials. A lot depends on the time you are willing to spend on work and on your imagination. Follow these instructions will be easier if you have an idea about the device gun. You can learn about the main components of a gun from our article How a gun is made. Below are several ways to make a pistol that will shoot with rubber bands, paper or pellets.

    Stationery Pistol Gun


    You will need:

    • 3 wooden skewers for barbecue or plywood stick 200 * 10 * 5 mm;
    • 3 wooden clothespins;
    • 2 plastic clothespins (can be replaced with wooden ones);
    • stationery gum;
    • scissors or knife;
    • glue gun or glue on wood.

    The process of making a gun

    1. Take the barbecue sticks. They need to glue together, it will be the barrel of the gun.
    2. Glue one wooden clothespin on top of the trunk.You can strengthen the connection by tying the clothespin with a stationery rubber band in the area of ​​the metal spring.
    3. Take the second wooden clothespin. From the edge of one of its "handles" need to cut about 10 mm. Glue the resulting structure to the first clothespin with the shortened side.Pistol
    4. Disassemble the third clothespin. In one half you need to make a quick cut at the very end so that when you glue this part of the construction, you get a small gap, for which you can catch the gum.
    5. Glue this part with the flat side to the trunk, opposite and below relative to other pegs.
    6. Glue the second wooden part under two clothespins so that half of it protrudes outside. This will be the base of the pistol grip.
    7. Glue one of the plastic pegs to the base. That turned out the handle.
    8. From the last clothespin you only need one half. It will perform the function of the decor. It should be glued with a flat side to the trunk near the handle, immediately after the end of the base.

    The technology of making a pistol shooting rubber bands is shown in this video.

    The gun can be charged.To do this, tighten the stationery gum, across the entire trunk, inserting one edge into the gap made in the fourth step, and securing the second with clothespins. It turned out the gun on two charges. Turn clothespins alternately to shoot. How to aim, look in our article: How to shoot.

    Pistol shooting bullets

    This original toy can be made in a few minutes, and you can use crumpled paper, plastic balls and even pieces of marshmallow as bullets.


    For the manufacture of such a gun you will need:

    • polyvinyl chloride pipe - 55 cm, diameter 2 cm;
    • 2 PVC corner diameters;
    • 2 PVC tees that are suitable for the diameter;
    • 2 PVC plugs matching the diameter;
    • PVC pipe shears or sharp knife;
    • measuring tape or measuring tape;
    • Soldering iron for PVC pipes.

    Assembly process

    For soldering pipes, a special soldering iron is used, but some craftsmen heat the ends of PVC products over an open fire, and then connect them. The disadvantage of the latter method is that if you do not calculate and overheat, the edge of the pipe will melt, and this can reduce the internal diameter of the workpiece.Therefore, it is better to practice a little beforehand.

    1. Divide the pipe into 6 pieces, five by 7.5 cm, and the sixth tube will be about 17.5 cm long.
    2. To the two parts of the pipe from one edge you need to attach the plugs. It will bePistolfuture pistol grip.
    3. Collect the weapon successively: a corner is attached to one handle, a short piece of pipe is attached to a corner, then a tee, branching up. The next section of pipe is attached to the latter, then the second tee, by branching down (attach a second handle to it).
    4. It remains only to attach a long section of pipe, and the barrel of the gun is ready.
    5. If you did everything right, you only have one short pipe and one corner. Solder them together. This will be the trigger that needs to be attached to the rest of the structure at the exit point of the first tee.

    The gun is ready. The pellet is inserted through the barrel. To make a shot, take the pistol by the handles and blow it into the hole of the “trigger”. The firing range of such a pistol can reach several meters.

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