• How to make a room more comfortable?

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    How to make a room more comfortable?

    Visiting is good, but at home it is better, as the famous proverb says. Why is it better? Our home is a reflection of our soul. We strive to make it a cozy nest, where you can always hide from the troubles of life. But what if our house is too cold and uncomfortable? This can be easily fixed, if you give vent to fantasy. In our article we will talk about how to make a room more comfortable. Consider a few simple and accessible to everyone ways.

    How to make a room cozy: tips

    To create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house, you need to consider several factors: lighting, colors, textures and materials. It is important that everything is perfectly combined. Today there are a lot of magazines and online resources devoted to the design and search for new interior solutions. There you will find a lot of materials on how to make a room cozy: photos of successful interiors, recommendations from designers, guides on various styles. Choose what is close to you.Cozy room

    • Start with a general cleaning: throw away unnecessary things and furniture, wipe off dust, polish furniture.
    • Choose the color scheme for your room.To create coziness in the room, choose calm soft tones: soft blue, pastel pink, light green, lilac and so on. Remember that color greatly affects the perception of the surrounding world. Try to avoid an abundance of colorful details and screaming colors.
    • Upgrade furniture. If you want new furniture, but there is no finance yet, then we offer you an easy way out - to make new covers. So you can update the sofa, chairs, chairs. Sew the covers in your chosen range. That's noticeableCozy roomwill change the overall perception of the room. In addition, the covers will make the interior more soft and comfortable, hiding the sharp corners of the furniture.
    • Storage. If you have scattered small trinkets all over the room, which still strive to get lost and litter the whole space, then purchase stylish storage boxes. On sale there are baskets, boxes, boxes of various colors and textures.
    • The decor. On the walls you can hang everything your heart desires: photosCozy roomclose people, reproductions, paintings, panels, posters ... All this will give individuality to your room. On the shelves you can arrange a variety of decor items: scented candles, vases, plates, crafts, etc.Do not overdo it! No need to bring to the room resemble interior store.
    • To make a cozy small room, you can use cushions: large, medium and small; round, square, oval ... If you are a needlewoman, you can sew them with your own hands.
    • Order is the most important thing. For a room to be cozy, there must be order in it. Even the most luxurious interior will be lost among the scattered things and uncollected garbage.

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