• How to make a review?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    December 22, 2014
    How to make a review?

    The Internet has opened up tremendous opportunities for us: we can quickly find interesting information on the global network, including information about the product we wish to purchase or the service we want to use. Sites of feedback on goods and services is a very convenient tool that allows the user to make the right choice, and therefore it is important not only to be passive readers, but sometimes to replenish the base of these sites. In this article we will tell you how to write and issue a review about a product or service.

    Credibility of recall

    Many reviews on the network are not written by real users, but are ordered by companies to increase the rating. However, large sites for posting reviews have their own mechanisms for tracking false reviews and conduct a very tough moderation before publishing, it is on such sites that you should leave your impressions about the product or service purchased. The first site on this list is a search engine placement service.

    Recall Requirements

    What should be a review to be published on the site with a hard pre-moderation?

    • the review should be informative, reviews like "Excellent product" will be ignored;
    • A review should not contain the name of the store where the product was purchased, if the review is written on the product, not the store;
    • a review must contain specific facts, it is necessary to avoid words expressing vivid emotions, not to use exclamations and CAPS LOCK;
    • Will not pass a moderation review, which compares the goods / services - the user's task is to write a review on a specific product, without touching on other models;
    • the review should not contain links to any sites and sites;
    • the review will not be published if it contains specific names or other personal data of the employees who sold the goods or provided the service;
    • not allowed to use in offensive language profanity and insults;
    • A review will not be published if there is already a similar review on the site.

    Try not to make any of these errors, otherwise your feedback will be ignored. The moderator will not fix your mistakes or publish a review in part, his task is only to determine the feasibility of publishing a review.

    Publication terms

    Most sites handle feedback within 24 hours after it is issued. If during this period the review did not appear on the site, it means that the administration considered it useless or false.

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