• How to make a podium?

    If you are faced with the problem of how to make the podium with your own hands, then we will try to give you some tips that will simplify your task. A podium indoors is not only an original decorative idea, but also an excellent solution in terms of practicality. With it, you can divide the space into zones, correct the unfortunate proportions of the room, and the niches formed under it can be perfectly adapted for storing a variety of things.

    The podium can be of two types:

    • technical
    • decorative.

    Decorative need to transform the room and divide it into zones. Technical podium will be an excellent solution if you need to hide various engineering communications or building structures. However, most often there are podiums that combine both technical and decorative functions. After all, one does not interfere.

    If during the installation of the podium you equip it with boxes, then you will have additional space for storing things. A retractable bed is another successful solution that is often equipped with podiums.In the afternoon the bed can be removed, thus freeing up space.

    How to make the podiums with their own hands

    When you choose the height of the podium and the place where you are going to build it, try to make it stand out visually. This will give you the opportunity to avoid injuries and bruises. If you are going to make steps, they must be comfortable. When calculating the height of the podium, consider the height of the ceiling. If the ceilings in the apartment are low, it is better not to make a high catwalk, but limit yourself to a height of 20-25cm.

    It is not advisable to install monolithic podiums in the apartment, which are made of cement-sand screed. Such a design will give a large load on the ceiling, and, consequently, there is a risk of falling to the floor below to the neighbors.

    Frame podium is an excellent alternative to the monolithic. For its manufacture will need to build a frame of metal or lumber, and then sheathe it with plywood or a rough board. On the sheathed surface of the podium you can lay parquet, laminate or carpet.

    You also need to know (before placing the podium) what is the maximum allowable load on the floor.In typical apartments, this figure ranges from 400 to 800 kg. on 1m2. Add to this the estimated weight of the podium and the possible load on it.

    How to make a podium in the room

    Let's see how you can make the podium yourself. To work, we need a standard set of tools:

    • A hammer
    • Flat screwdriver
    • Laser level
    • Jigsaw
    • Shuropovert
    • Pencil
    • Ruler

    The first thing you need is a plan of the room on which you want to make a drawing. You need to be clear about how it will look.
    Prepare building materials. We will need:

    • 10mm plywood,
    • 20mm plywood,
    • timber 30x40,
    • timber 50x50.

    For fasteners will require:

    • anchors,
    • self-tapping screws
    • dowel-nails,
    • mounting angles (usual 40mm and reinforced 50mm).

    The amount of material, count on the size of the proposed podium.

    Next, take the laser level and make the layout of the contours of the proposed design. Then we take a pencil and carefully draw the contour. It is necessary to take into account the curvature of the walls. To do this, take a roulette and check the diagonal. If the error is 5mm. and more, it is necessary to adjust the depth of the podium for their alignment.

    On the floor laid with polyethylene, which provides moisture barrier. In the wake behind it to the floor put a cork backing, which, in turn, is necessary to lay plywood 10mm. Take the dowel-nails and plywood nailed to the floor. Do not forget to leave the technological gaps at the joints (approximately 3mm.) Further, according to the drawing, mark up and cut timber for the 50x50 frame. To get an overall picture, lay on the joists support.

    timber is often damp, so all the support we lay a cork backing, so when drying lumber avoid squeaks. We assemble and mount the podium to the side walls by means of anchors. On the joists put and fasten plywood 20mm, do not forget about the technological gap. Podium ready. It only remains to lay floor finish. As we can see, to make the podium on their own is not difficult. The main thing in this case - the desire!

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