• How to make a paper doll?

    Evgeny Lukashenko
    Evgeny Lukashenko
    July 5, 2012
    How to make a paper doll?

    Who said that the best toys are finished products bought in the store? Children are much more pleased with the prospect of doing something with their own hands, and then using the product of their own labors and creativity. We will tell you how to make a paper doll with your child, giving him not only a paper doll, but also experience in making crafts, as well as unforgettable emotions from creativity!

    5 steps to make a paper doll

    Before you make a paper doll, make sure you have colored cardboard, pencils, markers, colored paper and a lot of glossy magazines.

    1. So, let's start making a paper doll with our child. On a white sheet of thick paper (cardboard), draw the shape of a future doll. It will be a blank, but you can immediately outline the face and hair of your paper doll.
    2. Cut the doll out of cardboard with scissors. At the same time teach your child to hold the scissors properly and pass them with the handle forward. It's time to draw underwear on a paper doll and prepare outerwear.
    3. Outerwear make the contours of the figure. Attach the doll to the sheet of paper and circle. Now you can cut out any articles of clothing from magazines and try them on to the sketch of the doll.
    4. To dress up a doll, it is necessary to make a paper cuff on each garment. Having bent it, you fix a jacket, trousers and other on your self-made paper doll.
    5. The last step we put our doll on its feet. To do this, you need to make a stand for the doll - cut a circle out of a piece of colored cardboard and glue it to the feet of the doll, feet should be bent. So we make the doll resistant.

    So, you and your child made a paper doll!

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