• How to make a new car

    You will need
    • - passport;
    • - receipt of payment of state duty;
    • - documentation.
    To begin, sign a contract for the sale of the car. Take in the traffic police the contract form in triplicate and enter in it your passport data and the seller’s vehicle details. Before filling, pay attention to the coincidence of the body numbers of the vehicle and its parts with the numbers in the TCP. You can fill out the document by hand.
    After the transfer of funds sign in the contract of sale. The seller must do the same. Keep two copies of the document for yourself, and the third one should be taken by the former owner of the car.
    After the purchase, contact the insurance company to issue an insurance policy on the purchased car.
    Then pay the state fee for the registration of the machine. Save the receipt, as well as other documents.
    With the documents that you have in your hands, go to the regional traffic police to register your new car.They write the necessary application, a sample of which you will be given. The traffic police officer will verify the license plates of the car, and if there are no complaints, they will put a mark on your application on your application.
    After that, go to the registration window. You must have: a driver's license, contract of sale, receipt of payment of state duty, insurance CTP, a statement with the mark of traffic police, passport of the vehicle. The employee, having checked your documents, will issue you a vehicle registration certificate and registration plates.
    Offer from our partner
    After purchasing a car, you are given 5 days to register it. After this period, you can be fined.
    Helpful advice
    Carefully check the correctness of all documents. Check passport data, information about the vehicle, etc. After all, at the slightest inconsistency, they will refuse to register a new car.

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