• How to make a necklace?

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    How to make a necklace?

    A beautiful necklace can decorate any evening holiday outfit. But in order to purchase such an ornament, you need to spend a lot of money, and this is not a guarantee that the necklace bought will fit the image. Much better to make a necklace with your own hands, while using beads. So let's consider how to make a necklace.

    Pearl necklace

    For beginners, bead weaving is the simplest, but at the same time, “Pearl Necklace” will be original and attractive. For a start, it is important to check whether there are all the necessary materials to create it.

    Getting started and the necessary materials

    Since the necklace on the technique is rather light, many tools are not needed to weave it. You can only take care of such materials:

    • large beads of suitable color, if not, you can use pearls - about 60-65 pieces (depending on the width of the neck and the length of the product, the number of beads may vary);
    • ordinary beads (11/0), harmonizing in color with large beads;
    • a needle for weaving, of such thickness that it freely passes into the hole of small beads;
    • fishing line of suitable thickness or durable nylon thread;
    • lock for fastening the finished product around the neck;
    • scissors.

    To the selection of the color of beads and beads must be treated with special care. Shades should not only match each other, but also be in harmony with the main tone of the dress for which you are creating this necklace.

    Technique weaving necklace

    1. At the very beginning of work it is necessary to take a bead of a contrasting color in relation to others or simply larger. Such a stop bead will subsequently be removed, so it does not matter how it will look. We fix it on a fishing line or thread at the very beginning. Weaving the entire product will go in one end. Just on it we collect 10 beads, then one big bead and one more bead.
    2. Now the needle must be threaded into six beads that are in the middle. Thus, from the initial contrast beads will remainnecklaceloose three beads. On the other hand, only one bead will be free, which is located in front of a large bead. We pull the needle to the end, and then we get the first link or, in other words, a large bead, braided on one side with small beads.
    3. To form the next link, you need to stitch seven beads on a needle and thread, then again a large bead and again a small one.Now we thread the last bead in the previous link, located in front of a large bead, with a needle. And then we go through the six first beads of the second “run-in”, we tighten the thread to the end, we get the second completed link.
    4. With the same sequence we continue to weave the whole necklace, which will consist of many links. Weaving continues until such time as you get a full appropriate length of the necklace. At the end it is necessary to attach a clasp. Thus, you can make any bead necklace.

    Spending a little time and money, you can make a necklace with your own hands, and most importantly, unique and original, it will distinguish you from all other beauties.

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