• How to make a grill?

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    How to make a grill?

    When purchasing a cottage or planning a plot on which a private house will be located, we always unconsciously think of the rest program, which certainly includes kebabs and other delights prepared on an open fire. Accordingly, a variety of options are considered on how to make a brazier: stationary or portable, made of brick or metal - so that it is convenient for future users.


    1. Before you make a brazier out of stone (usually brick is used, but you can use natural stone), you need to take care of the foundation. For him, a shallow pit is digging (a quarter of a meter will be enough), in which standard formwork is installed, which is subsequently poured with concrete.Mangal
    2. After 3 days, which are necessary for drying the foundation, the construction of the barbecue itself begins. The walls are laid out up to 80 cm high. Outside you can use an ordinary brick, but inside it must be refractory. The total height of the barbecue is up to a meter (this is convenient for almost all people).
    3. Further actions are not much different from the construction of a home fireplace. Its walls are laid out, openings are erected (there should be at least two of them), a chimney is mounted. The main part can be made of any stone, but the hearth from the inside is exclusively of refractory bricks, otherwise your brazier will collapse under the action of fire, and its fire safety will become very doubtful.
    4. For a good air flow, the hearth furnace must be equipped with a blower. Detailed instructions on how to make a brazier out of brick or stone can be found in the article How to build a brazier.

    Brazier from a gas cylinder

    It is not necessary to use a brick for building. Often, it is easier to do with materials at hand. In this case, you have at your disposal a brazier, which is easy to move around your plot, and if you have a car trailer - and transported to the place of the intended picnic. Expenditures, consider zero: to create such a brazier, all you need is:

    • cylinder (gas, used, old, of any volume);
    • drill for work;
    • for the same purposes - Bulgarian;
    • welding machine.Mangal

    The advantages of "balloon" barbecue are undeniable.The bottom of it does not burn, the case itself is not deformed, the closed lid ensures independent attenuation of the fire. And the process of manufacturing will make it difficult for few people, since it is quite easy to make a brazier from a cylinder.

    1. To begin with, it is necessary to cut the balloon - neatly, considering that there can be gas inside.
    2. The cut cylinder is filled with water for at least a couple of days to secure subsequent work.
    3. The crane is dismantled, the middle is cut out, but it is not thrown away, but placed on the hinges - this will be the cover, which will later be extinguished by the fire.
    4. It would be nice to equip the grill with handles, with the help of which it will be possible to carry it from place to place.

    Additional advice: to design lasted longer, it is necessary to strengthen the frame. This goal is well served by a narrow area, welded along the line of cutting inside.

    Folding grill with their own hands

    Even if you are a car enthusiast, it is not necessary to carry a one-piece brazier in the trunk of a car with you on a picnic. For trips to nature there is a collapsible grill. You can buy it in the store, but you can build it yourself. Moreover, the grill grill and the skewers will be placed inside the folding barbecue.

    1. Select the dimensions of the brazier. If the walking skewers are 60 cm long, thenMangalwidth - 40 cm, length - 65 cm.
    2. We make the bottom of the stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm.
    3. We fold the side walls, drill holes in them for good air access to the coal. The dimensions of the side parts: 65 cm by 20 cm. We make them foldable. To do this, between the base and the walls fasten two furniture sheds of small sizes. Attach them with screws.
    4. The end walls of the brazier will be removable. They are attached to the bottom with clamps.
    5. In the corners on the underside of the bottom, we weld the nuts, the brazier legs will be screwed to them.
    6. On the legs, on one side, a thread is cut, on the other hand, they are sharpened in order to facilitate the fixation of the structure.

    This is how a folding camp grill is made. For ease of carrying, you can provide it with a handle and hook for closing.

    Where it would be better to put the grill

    Before making a brazier, it is worth planning its location. To begin with, it should be quite far from the table or places of rest - lounge chairs, benches, etc. This is especially true of inflatable pools: the slightest spark will burn yourMangal"Pond", and you will be left without water treatments.But the brazier should not be too far from the feast either, so it’s easy to hold the kebabs and not have time to cool down. The most rational solution would be to place the barbecue near the fence or the blank wall of the house; but if both are too far from the dining table, then you can equip a platform in the right place. It should not be obscured by overhanging branches of trees; the surface on which the brazier will be installed should be flat (and preferably with asphalt or tiled tiles); there should not be a garage or a wood warehouse nearby.

    Competently installed brazier is absolutely safe in fire relation and will long please you with the possibility of cooking kebabs.

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