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    How to make a flashlight

    Due to the fact that the modern market economy offers us a huge amount of goods and services, it is absolutely easy to purchase almost any thing. This also applies to the flashlight. But isn't it interesting for you to learn how to make a flashlight yourself? Why buy when you can produce? About this and talk. So.

    How to make a flashlight?

    As we have already mentioned, a homemade flashlight will not only come in handy for you in everyday life, but will also take you for a while with benefit. Here, where to start:

    1. To begin, let's try to design a flashlight that has the simplest design. We will need: a small electric bulb, a 4.5 V battery, a piece of insulating tape. The first step is to wind the lamp to the free contact of the battery with electrical tape. Remember to leave the end of this contact free. In general, it is ready ... It is enough to click on the free contact to close this uncomplicated electrical system and the light is on, illuminating our way.Perhaps the only drawback of this design is its bulkiness. After all, as a battery, you need to use a large square of 4.5 V, and this is a lot, dear reader. How to make a flashlight with your own hands smaller? Let's talk about this in the next paragraph.
    2. Let's try to use as a main battery "finger" battery, that is, "R6". In this case, we can not avoid making some kind of body for such a flashlight. But the more interesting! As the main element of the housing structure, we suggest you use the most ordinary medical syringe. The advantage of this approach is also the material from which the product is made. Plastic - a combination of strength and insulation. By the way, we need a syringe with a volume of 10 ml. Here is what you need to do:
      • Take a sharp enough knife. Using it, cut off the tip of the syringe (the place where the needle is inserted). Next, take a small drill (if not, then a knife to help) and make a small hole under the hole that remained from the tip of the syringe. The result should be two small holes: one larger for the bulb base, the other for the wire.
      • Now we turn to the manipulation of the piston of our syringe. Carefully and without haste, cut off the conical surface of the piston with a knife. After that, you need to get any wire. In this case, fit the usual telephone wire, very short. One end of the wire must be connected to the piston. How to do it?
      • We need a piece of tin (for example, cut from a can of canned food). The diameter of the tin roundels should be no more than 15 mm - this is approximately equal to a coin worth one penny. Take the awl and dig a hole on the edge of the round. It will need to insert our wire, well, or the bare edge of the telephone wire (which is preferable). Secure the wire by soldering it or screwing it to the round bar.
      • Now you need to glue the roundels to the cut piston of the syringe. This can be done with super glue or epoxy. In addition, you can fix the rounder and using the "antennae" after cutting them out of the same can with the main element. These antennae will just need to bend.
      • Almost done! Now you need to insert the usual "finger" battery into the syringe and stretch the wire to the lamp base.The wire should be slightly longer than the body of the syringe, since the free end of the wire must be tied or soldered to the lamp. The free stroke of the piston in this design should be at least 1 cm. This will be enough for comfortable switching on and off the device. Here is a flashlight with your own hands, dear reader.
    3. In addition, I would like to make out the design of a hanging flashlight made of paper, which so pleases the children and guests of your house on holidays. So. Actually, there may be several options:
      • Let's start with the classics. The simplest version of the flashlight can be made like this. Take colored paper or old postcards. They will be used as the main material. It is necessary to cut strips of different lengths with a width of approximately 2 cm. As a result, there should be an odd number of strips: the shortest one in the center, all the rest in pairs is several centimeters longer. Now you need to fasten all these strips to each other, starting with the longest pair and ending with the shortest stripe. For staples, use either a stapler or glue.
      • Another variant. Perfect for decorating a Christmas tree! Take a sheet of A4 paper from colored paper, but brighter. This sheet should be folded exactly in half in the horizontal plane.Back off from each edge of the sheet by 2 cm and cut the same strip width. We cut, naturally, from the side of the fold crafts. Now you need to expand the sheet and roll it in a different direction in the tube. The edges of the sheet must be glued together or linked with a stapler. A slight pressure from below and above will turn the craft into a good, suitable New Year's toy. But beyond that! Try to add a core to the flashlight, and you’ll have a real Chinese flashlight! To do this, take a sheet of thicker paper and roll it into a tube, fasten or glue it. The diameter of the tube should be slightly less than the hole that turned out in the flashlight. The tube is placed in this hole and secured with an adhesive or stapler. Done!
      • And finally, another great flashlight! We need a box of juice or milk. Any suitable. Feel free to cut off the bottom of the box. The resulting blank need to paste over white paper. On both sides of the blank, you can apply any pattern to the theme you like. This will be an application for further action. It remains the case for small. On the contour of the picture you need to stick holes.This can be done with an awl or a thick needle. Next, we take any light source or LED candle and cover it with our resulting blank. And so you think? Light delicately describes the contours of our drawing! A great way to decorate your home on New Year's and holidays, dear reader!

    We hope this article has been helpful to you. Surely you will be able to apply this knowledge in your life and to please your loved ones and friends.

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