• How to make a decision?

    Life consists of decision making. Not all of them are fateful. We solve everyday problems almost automatically. But when you have to make a choice that affects the future life, doubts overcome even the most decisive. So, how to learn to make the right decisions?

    New circumstances

    More often than not, the need for important decisions arises at crucial moments when seemingly stable life changes overnight. This situation itself is stressful. How to make a decision in such circumstances?

    1. No hasty decisions! If decisions are urgently demanded from you at once, do everything possible to delay the answer (even on a very complimentary offer). Explain that you cannot accept it without consulting with ... (husband / wife, mother). Even a 5-minute delay will help collect your thoughts (urgently need to call).
    2. Calm and only calm. Make a choice only in a peaceful state of mind. Popular wisdom "to sleep" with the problem really helps.The next day the situation may seem or even turn out to be completely different.
    3. One mind is good - two is better. Do not think that someone better understand you in your situation. Do not expect to shift responsibility for the wrong decision to another. But to give the correct assessment of events is easier in the process of conversation. Having spoken a problem, you may unwittingly find a way out.
    4. About the benefits of disputes. Talk to the person who has the views on the problem that are diametrically opposed to yours. Perhaps the decision will be born in a dispute.
    5. Writing on the subject ... Outline the events on paper. And then read as a story about the life of a person who needs your help. This will help to make the reasoning more impartial. What would you advise him?
    6. Do not be influenced. If many are aware of the problem, one cannot avoid “friendly advice”, often very intrusive. You can listen to the advice. Making decisions under the influence of someone is absolutely impossible.

    Change everything

    There are periods when everything seems to be good (at work, in personal life). But some kind of dissatisfaction makes you wonder: whether or not to change everything cool, by 180 degrees (change jobs, get a divorce, cancel the wedding)? What helps to make the right decision in such situations?

    1. Behold the root.Look for the cause of your dissatisfaction. Remember all the little things that annoyed you that did not suit. Paradoxically, it may turn out that everything is not so bad. But if the "little things" line up in a frightening pattern, think about changing priorities.
    2. Identify the goals. Think about what you want to get by changing life. The answer should be as clear as possible. If you are unable to specifically define the goals you are striving to achieve, make a responsible decision early.
    3. Excursion into the past. Perhaps this situation has already been? Having once been afraid of change, are you now “biting your elbows”? Often, the desire to change everything is dictated by regret of earlier missed chances. But you can not transfer the events of many years ago to today. Regret about the past - a bad adviser when choosing the future.
    4. "Pros and cons". Formulate the decision you are going to make. On one side of a sheet of paper, write down all the possible advantages of its implementation, on the other - the minuses. See what's typed more.

    We hope you will get advice on how to make the right decision. And do not be afraid to make the wrong choice.

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