• How to make a chandelier with your own hands?

    Things made with their own hands, have an invisible aura that fills the room in which they are located with comfort. That is why people say that the best gift must be made with your own hands. In this article I will tell you how to make a chandelier with your own hands, guided only by your taste preferences and the ideas described below. You can also learn how to act with the chandelier that is already annoying and not pleasing the eye, or rather, how to remake the chandelier, retaining all the memories associated with it.

    What can a chandelier be made of, because all chandelier models sold in specialized stores are made of glass or wood? I want to please you, you yourself have already answered your question. The most common material for the manufacture of chandeliers is wood. Is it really impossible for real men to carve a lampshade from a piece of wood and attach a cartridge to it? I think, if you wish, even a teenager who does not skip school classes in labor will cope with this task.

    Papier mache chandelier

    The second, but not by degree of difficulty, way to make a chandelier with your own hands is the papier-mâché technique, which is well-known to everyone since the school bench. To do this, you will need a large amount of glue, newspaper or any other paper, as well as a balloon.

    • Inflate the ball corresponding to the estimated size of the desired chandelier.
    • Smear it with glue and glue it in small pieces of newspaper.
    • Repeat the second step to obtain a thick paper layer.
    • Let the construction dry well.
    • Use a needle to pierce the balloon inside the structure and carefully pull it out through the small hole.
    • Further, the matter remains only for your imagination. You can make a few holes in the resulting ball or cut the bottom of the ball.
    • To create a density, coat the dried newspaper with a construction putty or a witness.
    • Attach the cartridge and screw in the lamp.
    • Your chandelier is ready.

    Chandelier of thread

    The method of making this chandelier is not much different to the above method. I hope this phrase did not discourage your desire to learn how to make a chandelier from threads? This is a very exciting process.You will again need glue, a balloon and a needle with bobbin thread.

    To begin with, pierce the bottle of glue with a needle and thread a thread through it. Thus, you will receive a thread impregnated with glue on the opposite side of the bottle. Now it's time to inflate the ball. Further, according to the principle of the previous method, wrap the entire ball soaked with glue in a chaotic manner and leave the billet for several days. During this time, the threads tightly stick together. Now you need to poke the ball and pull it out. In the end, you get a ball of thread or a round lampshade. There are no ways to strengthen the structure. You just have to cut a hole for the cartridge so that the light bulb can fit into it. To achieve the best result, you can use several of these lamps at once, as a result you will get a wonderful chandelier.

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