• How to make a ceiling of plasterboard?

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    How to make a ceiling of plasterboard?

    DIY repair in our time is not a problem. Many building materials and repair processes have become so simple that a large number of people no longer apply to the masters. Many people prefer to do the work themselves, for example, to make a plasterboard ceiling on their own. It would seem that the process is not easy, and you cannot cope with it alone, but if you are smart, then you can master it. Let's talk more about how to make a ceiling of plasterboard alone.

    This process is divided into two stages:

    • Installation of a suspended metal structure;
    • Installation and fastening of plasterboard sheets.

    With the first stage you can cope alone without problems. To do this, you need only tools and goats, which can be made independently. It is important here that the length of the device is sufficient for it to be able to move freely and safely.This size indicator will be necessary for you at the second stage.

    Important point: the height of the goat must be appropriate. If you stand on them to their full height, then your head should touch the surface of the suspended structure. This should help you in maintaining the plasterboard head.

    How to set up a drywall sheet alone

    The second stage is more difficult in terms of installing drywall, because its sheet has standard sizes - 125x250 centimeters. Raising such a sheet alone under the ceiling is difficult, but possible.

    To do this, you need to do the following:

    1. Determine the installation location.
    2. Place under the goats in such a way that the direction of their length coincides with the direction of installation of the plasterboard sheet in length.
    3. Prepare a screwdriver, put it on the goats.
    4. Lift the sheet on the goats and climb on them yourself.
    5. Prepare a few screws, put them in your breast pocket, if you have one.
    6. Install the drywall sheet on the long edge.
    7. Sit down so that with two hands you can put a sheet of this edge on your lap.
    8. Clasping both hands on the two opposite edges, lift the sheet above your head and attach it to the installation site.
    9. Hold the panel in the center, pressing it to the ceiling, try to get the screwdriver with one hand.
    10. If everything worked out, set the sheet strictly in place and begin to fasten it with screws, holding it with one hand and head. It does not matter here where you will install the fasteners, the main thing is to start attaching the panel to the profiles of the suspended structure. The more screws are screwed, the better. After partial attachment sheet can not hold.
    11. Install several fasteners along the edges of the sheet, thereby clamping them to the ceiling. Particularly needed will be fasteners in the corners.
    12. Now take a ruler in your hands and draw on the sheet the places where the transverse profiles pass. On them it will be necessary to fix the drywall.
    13. After that, install the screws around the perimeter of the sheet.

    Please note that the fasteners should be located from the edge of the sheet at a distance of 1.5-2.0 cm, and the distance between adjacent screws should be 10-15 cm. Twist them so that the cap enters the body of plasterboard to the depth 5 mm. Seal these holes later with a putty. Thus, one can make a drywall ceiling.

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