• How to make a bouquet of candy?

    Not so long ago, an original gift - a candy bouquet - became popular. How to make a bouquet of sweets? It's pretty simple! You do not need expensive materials and special devices. You will be able to give your friends, relatives and loved ones an unusual sweet bouquet that will not wither for a long time, unless, of course, it is eaten. Making bouquets fun, easy and economical. You will be able to express your imagination, create both simple bouquets and complex compositions with a variety of decorative elements. For example, you can make a bouquet of roses from candies. On the Internet you will find a large number of master classes, websites and tutorials on how to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands. We will consider the easiest and most affordable way to make a candy bouquet.

    How to make a bouquet of candy, instructions

    First of all, stock up on the materials you need to make a simple candy bouquet:

    • sweets in a beautiful wrapper;
    • the container in which your bouquet will be located: a basket, a pot, a box, a box, etc .;
    • wooden skewers that will serve as the stalk for the candy flower;
    • the material in which our flowers will "grow": an oasis, a special floristic material or foam;
    • wrapping paper or wrapping film, as well as decorative ribbons;
    • Scotch tape or tape tape;
    • scissors.

    Now you can proceed directly to making a bouquet. The method given below is one of many possible, but it is quite simple.

    • Think over the composition. How will your flowers be arranged? You can arrange them evenly around the entire perimeter of the container, then the bouquet from all sides will look the same. You can set the flowers asymmetrically or make some kind of emphasis, in the form of a large flower in the middle and so on.
    • Making a flower. It is necessary to combine the flower-candy with a stalk - a wooden skewer. There are many ways to connect. Here is one of them: with a blunt end we attach a skewer to a candy, after unwinding a little wrapper. We twist the candy wrapper and wrap the junction with tap tape or tape in several layers. It is best if the tape is green.
    • Flower design. Cut a square of about 10 by 10 cm from the wrapping film (the size of the square depends on the size of the candy).In the middle of the square, make a small hole, insert a candy flower there. Collect the film around the flower, tie a ribbon at the base, you can tie a beautiful bow. The ribbon is better to take paper, for the decoration of gifts. This is just one of the ways to design, you will find many others online, and maybe you will invent your own.
    • It remains to insert flowers in the improvised soil - foam. Arrange the flowers according to your composition. The space between the flowers must be filled. Here give free rein to your imagination. You can use any materials: corrugated paper, fresh and dried flowers, drapery fabrics, felt, etc.

    Now you know how to make a bouquet of sweets. We wish you creative success!

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