• How to live in heart?

    Svetlana Noskova
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    How to live in heart?

    Each person is a separate person. He has his aspirations, his successes, failures and his worldview. Two people of the same spirit do not exist, although there are people who are outwardly twins. It is in the difference between the inner world of people that the rule lies how to live in the heart.

    Compliance is not always right

    Unfortunately, many people now fall under the influence of the �collective unconscious,� as Freud used to say. We are influenced by many factors: television, fashion, our environment, family, friends, colleagues ... If this influence is very active, a person falls under the strong influence of the outside world, forgetting about his own values and desires.

    Moving towards your goal

    To live the heart, you need to forget about what other people and things are demanding from you. You are you, and your goals, which will not go against your moral principles, should stand at the head of the corner. These principles usually include the standard commandments of every Orthodox person: do not steal, do not kill, do not harm others, do not change and honor your loved ones.

    To live with your heart is simple

    To live in the heart is to live honestly, to be sincere towards yourself and the people around you. A person who constantly lies and dodges, seeks his own benefit by any means, has a black, hard-hearted heart. Of course, you need to move towards your own goal, but only by acceptable methods.

    To live with your heart also means to trust your inner voice. As mentioned above, a lot affects us, so the modern person does most of his actions, not because he really wants it, but because he has been forced upon him, even if he has the most sincere intentions.

    Simple examples

    Consider an example. High school student is going to enroll in university. All around advise him to different professions. Parents, for example, insist on jurisprudence, as it is very profitable. Friends call to do with themselves for management - they say, there is nothing to do there, solid party and absenteeism, for which they are not blamed. TV broadcasts that the best profession is a journalist - just look at the happy and well-groomed TV journalists - who does not want to be the same? But if the applicant lives in his heart, he will be able to choose the road that he likes most, not paying attention to what others are imposing on him.At the same time, he will be able to intelligibly and gently explain to all those interested in why he chose such a path.

    Life by heart is something akin to an intuition, which is aimed at solving current issues correctly, honestly and with dignity. Every person who respects himself and wants to live honestly, correctly, and achieve harmony in his life should live in heart.

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