• How to live easier?

    Each of us at least once in our life was visited by a sense of hopelessness, despair and despondency from the meaninglessness of our own existence. At such moments, just give up, and life loses its colors. It is in such moments I want to learn how to live easier, as true optimists do.

    The task of each person is to learn how to enjoy each day and live, just to love. To do this, you need to change your attitude to many things, as well as change your life position.

    So, we begin to learn how to live easier. To do this, just go through 10 steps:


    Stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself “I want to live simply and easily” - this is the first step of your changes. Learn to be happy in the present, and not in the past, which has long been forgotten, or in the future, which has not even arrived yet. All you have is the present. Appreciate every passing moment, listen to your heart, it will tell you how easy it is to live, and not to exist aimlessly.

    Positive thoughts

    Start each day with a positive note. Spend a few minutes to concentrate and just think about positive emotions, pleasant people, events that can bring you joy.Fix this feeling inside and just periodically remember it throughout the day.

    Look for the pros

    In all, look for the pros, even if they first look like cons. In any trouble that is happening, look for positives: you did not give a bonus at work - that's good, cut the budget for sweets that prevent you from throwing off extra 5 kilograms by the beach season. What is not a plus?

    Get rid of the rules

    Get rid of unnecessary rules. As a child, parents said “must,” “must,” and had to obey them, developing a sense of guilt and neurosis when they did not comply with these postulates. Now life is in your hands, think first of all about what you want, and not everyone else. Of course, this does not apply to loved ones.

    Down with the TV

    Throw out or sell the TV - he is a useless eater of your time. If this is not possible, then at least look into it only when it is absolutely necessary.

    Release the past

    Every day, think about how to live easy? Then leave behind your past. Forget all the insults and problems. The more often you remember them, the more feelings and unpleasant feelings they cause, and they also seem much bigger than they really are.Remembering unpleasant moments, you will always feel offended not in the past, but in the present.

    Little pleasures

    It turns out that living well is easy. It is enough to find time for elementary pleasures. Suspend your life rhythm, relax after working with an interesting book, enjoy the music, watch your favorite movie - these simple things will add color and balance to your life.

    Discard the word "no"

    Stop using the word "no." It fills every cell of the body with negative and tension with its own sound. Learn to give more neutral answers. For example, the banal question "Are you hungry?" You can answer: "no"; or you can use a softer denial "I would love to have lunch, but a little later."

    Time to change jobs

    Nothing complicates our life as work. This refers to the one to which you are going to penal servitude. Change your occupation, change your place of work. The work that you do not like prevents you from developing, so throw it without thinking and look for what you really need.

    Keep it simple

    If you want to live simply and not bother about trifles - just stop dramatizing. Get rid of the habit of inflating all your mistakes, turning a fly into an elephant.Try to look at the failures from the other side and maybe you will understand how they are not essential.

    Give up all sorts of criticism and reproaches as from your own side and ignore such behavior of others. Life is many-sided and people in it meet completely different, they don’t owe you anything and so do you. Take life easier and accept it as it is.

    It is easier to live - it means to enjoy here and now. No need to wait for a certain moment, start doing it immediately. Enjoy your life - start traveling, enjoy a new hobby, or just fall in love.

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