• How to lighten hair

    If the difference between the original and the desired color is a few tones, then before lightening your hair, it is recommended to try on a wig with a preferred shade - it may turn out that light strands will contrast sharply with your eye color, eyebrows, skin tone and overall appearance. Lightening hair often makes hair dry and sensitive and repainting it if it turned out to be unsuccessful, can greatly harm your hairstyle.

    In addition, it must be remembered that the clarifying formulations act in stages. So, for example, in brown-haired women, the color will acquire red-brown, red, orange, golden and yellow shades, until the hair becomes completely light. For this reason, it is very important to pre-test the individual strands of hair and remember the time required to achieve the desired shade.

    Do not use industrial products if the hair is in poor condition: its structure is damaged; excessive dryness and breakage are present; in the case of a recent perm,lightening or staining; in the presence of inflammatory processes on the scalp. In this case, more suitable mask for lightening hair, consisting of natural ingredients that have a therapeutic effect.

    Lightening of short hair should be carried out as quickly as possible so that the coloring is uniform and uniform. The composition is applied to the hair roots, and then carefully distributed over the entire length. It is important that there are no drafts in the room that may adversely affect the quality of the procedure. Every 5 minutes it is recommended to check the color change: remove the composition from the section of the strand with a cotton disk. If the desired shade has not yet been obtained, the strand is returned to the spot using a comb, applying a brightener to it.

    It is recommended to finish the hair lightening procedure at the moment when the hair will acquire a light yellow tint, since wet strands always look darker than they really are. Otherwise, you can get an unnatural white color and worsen the hair condition. Also, it is not recommended to warm the head with a towel or warm up the hair during the lightening with a hairdryer.

    The composition is gently washed with warm water with a neutral or soft shampoo, avoiding sudden movements and not massaging the scalp.After that, a conditioner is applied to the hair, left for a few minutes and gently combing the hair with a comb with sparse teeth. When styling it is necessary to use hair dryer and other devices as little as possible that cause deterioration of the hair structure.

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