• How to learn how to save money and save money?

    Those who argue, it’s always unpleasant to start saving. And do not say that it is easier to tear off part of the monthly budget for a fur coat than for tires for a husband’s car. In any case, to decide to lead the accumulation is stress. To facilitate it, we offer several life hacking, how to go this way without early strikes with a hammer on the piggy bank.

    Create a database

    Short-term savings are made easier for literally everyone. Having got a job, it is necessary to get up courage and gradually save up an amount exceeding two or three monthly salaries. Let's call it an untouchable stock. Therefore, the place is in the bank, on the savings account. Consider that the money given to the bank forever. No, we are not talking about the fact that a financial institution will be bankrupt, and investors - without savings. It’s just worth agreeing with yourself that this money will be spent as a last resort, when there are no other options left. However, there is some good news: even if they are small (depending on the amount and conditions of the banking offer), you can not leave the monthly interest on the account, but with pleasure.

    How to learn how to save money and save money?

    Set a goal

    Starting is always easier if you know where the finish is. Therefore, we set a goal - for example, a specific thing, a well thought-out vacation, or, what may be simpler, a certain amount. Visuals, by the way, will be useful to fix the amount and purpose with bright felt-tip pens in a diary or on a poster. It is recommended to audials to speak out their accumulative plans with close people, so that intentions are voiced and commitments are made, so to speak, in front of witnesses.

    How to learn how to save money and save money?

    We evaluate the possibilities

    The golden rule of a financially successful person sounds short and clear: spending should not exceed income. All. With this knowledge, you can indulge in all serious, the main thing is not to violate it.

    How to learn how to save money and save money?

    Divide and multiply

    Without a doubt, everyone has heard about the manipulation of envelopes anyway. Just recall the scheme: having received income, salary, fee, premium, it is worth splitting it into parts. Previously used paper envelopes, today for this purpose you can use different bank accounts, plastic cards. We divide as follows: 3–5–10% of any income is “locked up” on the previously mentioned savings account (first envelope); we remove money from the remaining amount for mandatory expenses: utilities, transport, medicines, etc.(second envelope); half of the remaining amount goes to food (the third envelope), and the amount remaining after all distributions can be used according to the situation: for entertainment, shopping, etc. (fourth envelope). The money left over from the previous month - it happens that shopping is unsuccessful or there is nothing to see in the cinema - should be saved in the piggy bank, so that, if necessary, not to close the savings account, but to use the “home stocks”.

    How to learn how to save money and save money?

    Nobel laureate advises ...

    In 2017, the Nobel Committee commended Richard Thaler for interdisciplinary work on “behavioral economics”. Thaler devoted many years to studying the influence of the human factor in solving economic problems. In short, unlike a theory, a person will buy not where it is cheaper, but where it is closer, brighter, faster ... A rational decision is not always made. But back to the issue of savings. Some time ago Richard Thaler proposed the following principle for long-term savings: "Buy more tomorrow." The secret of this method is simple: we start by saving to a savings account of 3-5% of salary, and then, having received an increase in salary, a premium or any additional income, we increase the percentage that is put off.So over the years we have been increasing the amount of money we have been postponing, therefore, imperceptibly, but significantly increasing the total savings.

    How to learn how to save money and save money?

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