• How to learn to drive a woman?

    Perhaps every independent woman wants to drive a car. This is a tribute to feminism, and the ability to save time and convenience in moving around the city. Contrary to popular belief that a woman can not drive a car well, thousands of avtoledi prove the opposite. Driving, as well as, for example, working with mechanisms at the plant does not depend on gender. The ability to control the vehicle lies more in the nature of the person. If you feel that this is your vocation, then you should understand how to learn to drive well.

    Manual Transmission

    So, you asked your husband / relative / girlfriend / good friend to lend you a car and show a few "tricks" and came to a deserted place with a convenient platform or quiet streets.

    1. First, adjust the seat and mirrors "by itself". Buckle up.
    2. Without having started the car, practice to include transfers. At this stage, the first time you can and finish. At first it will seem to you that remembering the inclusion of gears is impossible,but this is only the beginning. You can practice this skill even without a car.
    3. The same goes for the pedals. Learn their location. Repeat, sitting at work, in a cafe, on a bus, etc. If someone gives you a lift, watch his manipulations: when he puts his foot on the pedal, when he cleans, etc.
    4. Once you have mastered the transfer, you can proceed to action. Put a neutral gear.
    5. Start the car. Try to push the gas pedal. If the car "screams" - it means that you handle it easier. Add gas smoothly. When you master, you can proceed directly to the driving.
    6. Lower the handbrake by pressing the button and slightly pulling it towards you.
    7. With your left foot, pinch the clutch (leftmost pedal). Without releasing it, turn on the first gear (as long as you need it). Right foot (do not let go of the left!) Start very, very smoothly and gently press on the gas pedal and at the same time smoothly release the left foot. Somewhere in the middle of this action, you will feel how "grabbed", and the car started. Now you can fully release the clutch pedal. If the car did not move anywhere, but only "grunted," it means that you are "stalled." Start a new one.
    8. Remember that you drive the car. It is necessary to keep cool and give the car the right directions.
    9. Watch out for the road;
    10. Do not accelerate. Give as much gas as when you started the car. At first, you have enough traffic at 5-10 km / h.
    11. Make a stop. To do this, after passing a little, hold down the clutch pedal and, without releasing it, gently press the brake pedal, pushing it into the floor millimeter by millimeter. After a full stop, pull the handbrake, remove the gear (put on a "neutral") and only then take your feet off the pedals.

    So exercise. Then you can start to turn and back up.

    • Turn smoothly and do not accelerate at this time;
    • Do not twist the steering wheel all the way. To turn 90 degrees, it is enough to take the steering wheel slightly to the side;
    • To drive back, look in the rearview mirror, turn on the reverse gear and do the same as when driving forward.

    Gradually, you can move on to an increase in speed, and therefore, to new programs - 2 and 3 (the 4th is not useful to you at first).

    Automatic transmission"

    The car with the box "automatic" only 2 pedals. In no case should not press simultaneously gas and brake.Therefore, the pedals should be operated with one foot. Thus, the second leg is resting all the time.

    In order to learn how to drive a car with an automatic transmission, you should remember a few positions displayed on the box:

    • N - neutral mode;
    • D - movement, main move;
    • P - parking;
    • R - reverse, reverse.

    Start driving by holding the car by depressing the brake and setting N or P. Keep in mind that the car needs 1-2 seconds to “grab”.

    To activate the reverse (i.e. reverse), stop completely and press the brake pedal.

    Then you can turn on the "D" and pick up speed by pressing the gas pedal.

    Having stopped completely, proceed to the parking by selecting the appropriate mode.

    There are also L modes - only the first gear is available, 2 - the first two gears are available, OverDrive (O / D) - for quick acceleration, SNOW - for driving in the snow.

    Read more about how to learn to drive a woman who chooses a car with an automatic transmission, described in the article How to ride a machine.

    Certainly, other articles will be useful to you.

    Should I drive a car?

    Learning to drive a car means not only learning how to drive it,but also be able to control the situation on the road, correctly calculate your actions and predict others, instantly react to them, maneuver, etc. If you have no fear of driving, and at the same time you understand the responsibility you are responsible not only for yourself, but and for other people, you will succeed! Women are by their nature careful, attentive and responsible, which means that the ladies are quite capable of driving!

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