• How to lay tile yourself

    To get started, take a surface of the wall. Make it perfectly smooth. After that, apply risks to the entire surface, the depth of which should be less than 5 millimeters. The fact is that the solution on the grooved surface holds much better. To prevent mold and mildew, treat the surface with an antifungal compound. Also for this purpose can be used ordinary primer.
    After you have made the walls smooth and put risks, you can proceed directly to the laying of the tile. Soak it in advance in water for at least an hour. It is also recommended to wet the walls with a sprayer for better adhesion of the adhesive to the surface. Pay special attention to the gaps. Install them best with special crosses. They are sold in almost any hardware store. To choose limiters, it is necessary based on what kind of gaps you want to see on your tile.Most often in a residential apartment make gaps of no more than 4 millimeters. In the bathroom it is best to lay tiles from the middle of the surface. Do not forget that the tile must be purchased with a 5% margin for undercut.
    If you decide to lay the tiles in the kitchen, then teach, the visible edge of the tile should be in a ceramic coating. After you have completed the installation, let the solution dry for several hours. Then you can start grouting. Apply grout in a circular motion perpendicular to the seams. After that, it is necessary to wipe longitudinally with seams. This gives a beautiful surface design. Get a grout that is a little lighter than the tile itself. Note, if the grout and tile have the same tone, then the surface will simply merge. Grout should also be given time to dry completely. After that, you can wipe the entire tile from the stains with a damp cloth.

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