• How to knit Irish lace?

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    How to knit Irish lace?

    Knitting Irish lace requires certain crochet abilities. This technique does not apply successive rows, as in the usual knitting, and require more complex implementation. Begin knitting with individual motifs that are collected in a pattern. Yarn, when knitting, use twisted, medium thickness. Or thin. To make the part seem even more voluminous, a thread is placed under the posts, arranged several times. After you finish the motifs you need for your work, and stick to the paper pattern, with the future lace patterns painted. The pattern is drawn contours and lines of motifs. Then the motifs are connected with an openwork mesh, thus, Irish lace is formed. For this purpose, motives are placed face down on paper and make connections. In our article we will look at how to knit Irish lace.

    Features and tools

    At the end of the XVIII century, the so-called Irish crochet appeared, it was created by imitation of needle lace.There is one version that a group of Irish nuns lived in Paris who learned to copy Venetian needle lace, but they worked not with a needle, but with a crochet hook. Upon returning to Ireland, where they wanted to establish a nunnery, this technique became known as �Irish crochet� and received its further development. Since in the middle of the XIX century in Ireland, �potato hunger� was an epidemic of potato fungus, as a result of which the population decreased by 30%. The country was on the verge of survival, people were forced to seek sources of additional income. It turned out that making laces was a profitable business, but such a method as weaving with bobbins and sewing with a needle was a very long and complicated process, and money was needed urgently. This is where the unusual method of imitation of lace with the Rosalina crochet was needed - one of a kind of Venetian lace. This is Mademoiselle Riego de Blancardier. For example, if a piece of lace in the manufacture of a needle took about 200 hours, but with the help of this technique could be connected in just a day.

    Technique of Irish lace is very convenient for mass production.Irish lace, in contrast to the usual knitting, consists of individual motifs, it can be flowers, leaves, rosettes, which are knitted separately, and then connected with a net. This method allowed the division of labor: each knitter specialized in certain motifs knitting techniques.

    Related motifs were carried to nearby cities in lace centers, where the most experienced craftsmen collected items from them, for example, cuffs, collars, dresses and beach umbrellas. Now interest in this type of needlework is being revived thanks to models of designers using Irish lace. In Ireland, they still know the world-famous lace as �aid lace�, as it allowed people to survive in difficult times for them.

    Irish lace knitting patterns

    Here is a scheme of knitting Irish lace and a description of the motive.

    • Dial a chain of 10 vp, connection. st. close the ring.
    • 1st row 70 vp, 1 comp. on the 3rd sc a circular series.
    • 2nd row for lifting 1 sc, rotate the robot under an arch of 70 vp knit 1 PSN, 35 CH, 1 CH between the 1st and 2nd CH of a circular row, make a loop, and knit another 35 CH, 1PSN, 1 SBN under the arch of 70 VP, 1 connection in connection circular row.
    • 3rd row loop for lifting 1 comp.on the top of the 14th CH, circular series, 1 sc, on the top of the sc ., 1 sc through 3 CH of the previous row. 23 ce, pass 5 CH on both sides of the loop and tie 1 sc, 7 ce, after 3 CH tie 2 CH on one point, 10 CH on the CH tops, on the top of the PSN, knit 1 CH and 1 PSN from a single point, 1 sc on top of sc, 1 connection on top of the trail. CH circular series.
    • 4th row for lifting knit 1 connection. on top of the trail. CH of the previous row, on the tops of unequal-high columns, tie 3 SBN, 1 PS, 8 CH, tie 1 CH and 1 C2H from one point, a trace is on the top. CH of the previous row knit 1 C2H and 1 C3H, 8 vp, 8 sc under the arch from 7 vp, under the arch from 23 vp knit 23 CH, 8 SBN under the arch of 7 vp, from one point knit 1 �3� and 1 �2� on the top of the trace. CHC knit 1 C2H and 1 CH, then knit 8 CH, 1 PS, 3 SNS on the tops of uneven columns, on the tops of the next 3 CH series of a circular series, 25 CE, 1 connection on top of the next CH circular series.
    • 5th row 1 vp for lifting, under the arches of 25 vp knit 25 cls each, and 1 cls at the tops of the scs.
    • 6th row 1 vp for lifting, knit in a circle "crawfish" loops, 1 connection. in the lifting loop.

    In Irish lace, a non-permanent mesh is used when connecting motifs.Having previously connected the joints of the motifs with stitching, we begin to fill in the empty spaces with a mesh. It is obtained by alternating columns with a different number of naquids and arches from air loops. This is how Irish lace fits in; a clear graphic will be useful for beginners. This will allow you to master the technology faster. Schemes of various elements can be found in the vast global Internet.

    Irish lace color scheme

    Now you know everything about how Irish lace fits, video information on this topic will also be useful to you. This will allow you to master this beautiful art. Then you can knit for yourself, family and even for sale. And this is an additional source of income, combined with the creativity and implementation of their own ideas. We wish you good luck!

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