• How to kill in Wormix?

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    How to kill in Wormix?

    In the game Wormix there are many different bosses. Some of them win very easily, literally in two accounts. However, some make the player sweat.

    In this article, we have provided instructions that will help you figure out how to kill the most difficult bosses in Wormix.

    Voodoo Shaman

    The Voodoo Shaman is one of the most difficult bosses in the Wormix game. It restores health and also deals high damage. To defeat this boss, you need to drown him in the very first moves. Defeating the demons in the Voodoo Shaman is much easier. Therefore, they should be beaten with powerful weapons, for example, with a sledgehammer.


    This boss is also very strong, as he creates clones that cause great damage, but they are not real. Illusions are best destroyed by attacks that hit the squares. It is better to dig into the ground.


    This boss needs to pass as quickly as possible. Vikings need to drown, otherwise the chances of winning are small. With each move you will win all the harder.Therefore, use the stop time and carefully plan your attack.


    Against the yakuza is also important to choose the right tactics. Yakuza is impossible to drown, and the leader can be defeated only by poison. Moreover, if you kill one enemy, the rest will be stronger. The best tactic against this boss is killing the Steel Warrior, then the Tiger, and only after this Storm.

    Romeo and Juliet

    A proven tactic against this boss is the use of shuriken as well as a guided helicopter. Against them you need to use a very powerful weapon. At the same time try to act in such a way that each of them has an equal number of lives. That way you can defeat these bosses at the same time.

    King of the dead

    Just as in the case of those bosses who use the so-called crepes, you need to kill not small opponents, in this case zombies, but the main bosses at once. And you should start with the King. It is recommended to use caps from poison, which will help you to survive in this fight.


    This boss is considered perhaps the most difficult in the game Wormix. To defeat him, you need to avoid electromagnetic clouds, as well as use a very powerful arsenal. And there is no effective tactic against this boss, unfortunately.

    Ancient ghost

    A ghost cannot be drowned, but poison weapons can be used against it. The biggest difficulty in defeating this boss is the extraordinary duration of the fight. Throughout the battle, the player must dodge the clouds and avoid damage in every way.

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