• How to install Yandex.Maps?

    Yandex Maps are now simply indispensable thing in our life. Now, in order to get from one point to another, you do not need to ask all passers-by where this street is or wander around in unfamiliar places. Also, this program allows you to significantly save time by going around traffic jams, about which it notifies you in real time. And that is not all. In the latest versions, the users of the program themselves can tell each other about road incidents, any malfunctions on the road, and other things important to motorists. So, how to install Yandex maps?

    Installation instructions depend on the particular device on which you want to install this useful application, so consider the most popular options.

    How to install Yandex maps on android?

    Phones running the Android system have a huge advantage over regular phones in that they have their own Yandex application store. Maps are also in it and are free, that is, you can download them on any device an infinite number of times.

    1. So, open Google Play (or if you have an old firmware version, then the Android Market).
    2. In the window that opens, select the search field and enter Yandex maps there.
    3. In the search results will be several programs. One of them will be directly maps themselves, and the other is a navigator. You can set both if you think you’ll use navigation for the car.
    4. After installing each of the programs you can find in the menu

    How to install Yandex cards on your phone?

    Yandex application. Maps support a huge number of phone models, and more precisely, almost all that support Java. Let's look at an example of installing on the most ordinary phone.

    To install and run the program itself, you will need a configured Internet connection!

    1. Open in your phone a program for browsing web pages (I recommend using the standard solution of the phone, that is, not using Opera Mini)
    2. Go to m.ya.ru/maps and be sure to check that your phone is determined correctly. This is important, because in case of an error, the program may work incorrectly or not start at all.
    3. If everything is correct, download the program.If there was any mistake with the definition, click on the "Other model" button and find your phone in the list.
    4. After downloading, install the program in the affirmative answering all questions of the phone.
    5. Ready! Now you can use the cards on your phone!

    How to install Yandex maps on the navigator?

    In order to make sure that your navigator can support Yandex Maps, you need to know which operating system it is running on. If this is Android, then you should use the instruction that I wrote a little higher (installation on Android phones). This process will not differ in any way bet you on your phone, tablet or navigator. That is, you only need to go to the Google Play store and download the application to your phone, and then install it.

    If your navigator is running Windows CE, then you're in luck. There is a version for similar devices.

    1. Download the application for Win CE to your computer from here "".
    2. Unzip the downloaded archive on your computer and send all the files to your navigator.
    3. Using the file manager, find these files and click on them to install.
    4. Done! Now you can use all the features of Yandex.Maps right in your navigator.

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