• How to install blinds?

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    How to install blinds?

    If you do not know how to install blinds, then this article is for you. As soon as you have installed plastic windows in your apartment, the problem immediately arises from the fact that for new, modern windows, you need to select the appropriate curtains. And there is nothing better than installing blinds on the windows.

    To do this, it is not necessary to contact a specialist, because all this can be done independently. So, first you need to know that there are different blinds, which differ in design and location, as well as the method of attachment. By design, the blinds are horizontal or vertical, as well as roll. Blinds can be mounted on the walls or ceiling. There is also a mounting option on the window frame. If we talk about the methods of fastening, the blinds are attached to the clips or screws, as well as self-adhesive tape.

    Types of blinds

    Choosing the type of blinds, you need to pay attention to the room where they will be installed, you should also measure the width of the window sill, as in order to fix the blinds on the wall or ceiling, the opening frame should not end over the edge of the sill.That is why vertical blinds with such a mount are ideal for installation in the office.

    For installation in the house horizontal blinds “on glass” are best suited. They are able not only to change the illumination in the room, but also reflect the rays of the sun, while reducing the operating time of the air conditioner for about a couple of hours. In addition, they perfectly decorate the window with a decorative curtain, which is required for the design of the room.

    With the help of roller blinds, you can make a perfect darkening of windows, using them to make thick fabric. This option, which changes the look of the room depending on the picture, is ideal for a bedroom.

    To install blinds on plastic windows, most often for vertical blinds use a mount on the wall or ceiling, when the window opening is completely closed. In the event that the geometry of the window openings is broken, this is the right decision. Thus, it is possible to cover up these flaws. If only the windows are closed, then use the mount on the frame. Such option is applied if horizontal blinds or rolled are established. Thanks to this mount, you can achieve alternate or simultaneous closure of the frames of one window.

    Installation of blinds

    Before you install plastic blinds mounted on a wall or ceiling, be sure to mark the mounting points of the brackets. Then, using this marking, drill holes for the dowels in the wall and fix the brackets on them, and then install the blinds.

    If you fix the louvre brackets on the opening frame using special clips, you will not need to drill the frame. In the same way, you can install blinds when attaching them to the frame using self-adhesive tape. Of course, it is best for a specialist to install the blinds directly on the frame; here you should be very careful and careful so as not to damage the glass unit.

    To find out how to properly install the blinds, if the article is not completely clear to you, it is recommended to see how to install blinds on the video. Here you will clearly see what to do, in what order.

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