• How to install a lamp?

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    How to install a lamp?

    With the help of properly installed lighting, you can elegantly emphasize the style of the interior and easily distinguish the room into comfortable zones: working, leisure, or family entertainment.

    There are many different fixtures, but all of them can be divided into 2 categories: external and recessed.

    Exterior ones are the easiest to install, as their installation does not require special tools or skills, but they provide less uniform lighting than the latter and cannot boast a �wow effect�.

    Installation of built-in lamps is more labor-intensive, but their use will give the room more comfort and allow you to create unique lighting effects.

    How to install external type of lamp on the wall or ceiling?

    Such lamps are usually mounted with a metal strap with a fixation mechanism. It is screwed to the surface, after which the base of the lamp is fixed on it with a few bolts.

    Installing an external luminaire on concrete walls or ceiling:

    1. Bring the wiring under the base of the lamp, making a groove in the wall;
    2. Make the required number of holes for mountingLampslats;
    3. Install plastic chopies into the holes;
    4. Fix the mounting bar by matching the holes on it with the holes in the chopik;
    5. Insert the dowels into the holes and hammer or screw them.
    6. Connect the lamp to the wiring;
    7. Press the luminaire to the bar and fix it with the fixing bolts or the fixing system installed in the base.

    Installation of fixtures on drywall has some features:

    • The wiring should be brought behind the drywall, and in the place of installation of the lamp should make a small hole through which it will be output to the outside.
    • Usually for installing fixtures under drywall laidLampseparate profile on which they are screwed.
    • You can also fix the lamp on the profile that was used when fixing the drywall. To do this, lead the wiring and make a hole right near the profile, so that the base of the lamp overlaps it.
    • You can attach a lamp without a profile, for this you need to use special chopik with a sliding base, which are called "butterfly".

    The process of installing the lamp on drywall:

    1. We withdraw the wire through the hole in the drywall;
    2. We fasten the bar with screws to the profile or use the "butterfly" to fix the bar on the drywall;
    3. Connect the wires to the lamp;
    4. Fix the base of the lamp on the bar.

    You can also install chandeliers on concrete or drywall, as they often have a similar mounting system.

    How to install recessed spotlights?

    Typically, this type of luminaire is used only on hollow ceilings to illuminate a specific area of the room. Before installing a stretch or plasterboard ceiling, dilute the wiring in advance, this will avoidLampmany problems with the installation of fixtures in the future.

    Installation of fixtures for stretch ceilings:

    1. At the place of installation of the lamp is pasted plastic circle to strengthen the ceiling.
    2. A hole is cut in the circle corresponding to the diameter of the lamp;
    3. Wires are connected to the lamp;
    4. On the side faces of the fixture, special fixation �legs� are clamped;
    5. The luminaire is inserted into the hole, after which the legs are unclasped using the built-in springs.

    Installation of built-in fixtures on drywall is the same as on suspended ceilings, but under them you do not need to put plastic circles.

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