• How to insert sockets in 2018

    Consider that different stones give objects different properties. Stones of any color can be inserted into the connector. There are six colors in all. The three main ones are blue, yellow and red. And three extra - green, orange and purple.
    Even if there are several monochrome connectors on the subject, you can improve the characteristics of the hero or change the properties of things by inserting different stones. In addition, the character will acquire additional characteristics, and objects - additional properties, provided that the colors of stones and sockets match. Find out exactly what features you get. To do this, right-click on the stone and read its description. All bonuses to the characteristics of characters and objects are marked in gray.
    To insert a stone into the slot, first press and hold the Shift button. Right click on the subject with sockets. A window using sockets will open. Select the stones that are in your hero's inventory according to the properties you want to add to the item or the characteristics you need for the character.
    Drag the stones from the inventory into the connectors of the item of your choice by pressing and holding the left mouse button. At the bottom of the same window, find the SocketGems button. Click on it, and the stones transferred from the inventory will be placed in the connectors, and the object will change its properties. An already inserted stone cannot be removed from the socket, only replaced by another, and irrevocably.
    Fill all at oncesocketsnot necessary. You can always come back to this when you have stones matching the colors of the connectors and the desire to insert them. So, if your character does not yet have a high enough level, do not rush to improve his characteristics and give new properties to objects. In the process of the game and with the growth of the level of the hero, you can find things that have valuable qualities and without stones.

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