• How to increase virtual memory?

    Sitkova Diana
    Sitkova Diana
    April 10, 2013
    How to increase virtual memory?

    Virtual memory is a computer resource that combines random-access memory of RAM and temporary data storage on a hard disk (paging file). When the amount of RAM is not enough, the data from the RAM is moved to the paging file, which frees up the RAM for operations. The greater the amount of RAM, the faster programs run, but sometimes this amount is not enough. How to increase the virtual memory of the computer? As a rule, in order to increase the speed of the computer, users replace the RAM card with a more capacious memory, as long as the capabilities of the motherboard allow it. But you can go the other way - to increase the paging file.

    How to increase the virtual memory of Windows XP

    If you have this operating system installed, go to the Control Panel and in the “System” window select the “Advanced” tab, it contains the “Performance” section.Open the speed settings and in the Advanced tab, in the section titled "Virtual Memory", click the Edit button. Usually the size of the paging file is 2048 Mb.

    You can increase this value, but not more than twice. And here you have two options:

    1. Provide the operating system the ability to change the amount of virtual memory to the desired size.
    2. Enter the maximum and minimum size of the paging file. If the amount of computer RAM is 2 Gb, then 3072 Mb should be set as the initial size, and 4096 Mb as the maximum size.

    How to increase the virtual memory of Vista

    You can, as in the first case, use the software tools and increase the paging file. But this operating system allows you to use another option - the ReadyBoost technology. To do this, simply connect USB flash memory to your computer and use it as an alternative to virtual memory. When you connect a flash drive, a window pops up in which you can select the tab "Acceleration of the system." Click on it, and the ReadyBoost settings page will open before you, where you need to select the item “Use this device” and select the required memory size.

    Remember, for effective operation of the paging file, you need to have at least 10% of free space on your disk. If it is not enough, use the "Disk Cleanup" button, or delete unnecessary files or programs. This will help to optimize the performance of your OS.

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