• How to increase the space of a small apartment

    To be honest, we all accumulate over time a lot of unnecessary things. Useless things - the main enemies of small apartments. To increase the space, take a fresh look at your apartment, evaluate the things in it. Reconsider them, at the same time asking yourself - is this thing necessary, is it cluttering up space, is it possible to do without it and does it fit into the general style of the room. And do not forget, acquiring new things, throw out their old counterparts.
    Small living space means using fewer resources. But this does not mean that a small apartment can not be modern and beautiful. The most optimal for you will be a minimalist style, which is now gaining increasing popularity.
    In small rooms there is very little storage space. Correct their organization will help to increase the apartment. To do this, try to use for storage all available places, for example, under the bed, under the sofa, in the closet, etc. Open shelving, various baskets, boxes and containers are very functional. Plus, they give a certain style to the room.
    Stay tuned for technical innovations. Science is moving forward and is turning more and more towards saving space and caring for the environment. Washing machines, microwaves, televisions, and other appliances now occupy much less free space than before. The built-in equipment is also convenient.
    Try to rationally select furniture. Modern furniture can simultaneously perform several different functions or take on miniature sizes in case of uselessness. Furniture for small apartments should be versatile, durable, do not get bulky, quickly going out of fashion interior items. Stick to the classics.

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