• How to grow potatoes?

    Potatoes are a tasty and healthy root vegetable. Each owner of a garden site wishes to receive a big crop of such vegetable. For this you need to know how to grow potatoes.

    Consider this question in more detail.

    Choosing a place for potatoes

    To ensure a good crop of potatoes, you must choose the optimal place for planting. Best of all, such a vegetable grows on light and medium loam, drained peatlands, sod-podzolic soils. It is not recommended to plant potatoes in the ground, where there is increased acidity. It is proved that on such soils it gives a smaller crop, as it is most susceptible to diseases and pests.

    Soil preparation for potatoes

    If you grow potatoes on the soil into which fertilizers have not been previously introduced, it will grow poorly, and it will be late to harvest. Therefore, it is important to prepare the ground for planting such a root. It is desirable to begin to do this in the fall. At this time, you need to dig a dedicated place for planting potatoes.After that, add a bucket of rotted manure to each square meter and 50 grams of potassium phosphate fertilizer. Then the soil needs to be dug again.

    If you can select only acidic soil for planting potatoes in your garden plot, then you need to further lime it. 400 g of dolomite flour or regular lime are added to one square meter.

    If you do not have time to prepare the soil in the fall, then during planting the potatoes will need to make one handful of wood ash, humus and 20 g of any other fertilizer.

    Potato preparation

    To get a good harvest it is very important to prepare potatoes for planting. Seed tubers need for 1 month to get out of storage and sort. Please note that damaged, deformed potatoes are not suitable for planting, as well as one that has signs of disease. In this case, the most productive are the tubers that have the size of a duck egg.

    During the preparation of potatoes, it must be processed in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate. You can fill the roots in a grid of 4-5 kg. Then you need to dip them in a bucket with a solution for 20 minutes.After that, place the potatoes in cardboard pallets and store in the room. Once a week, sprinkle root vegetables with warm water. This will ensure the rapid growth of sprouts.

    Planting potatoes

    Before planting potatoes, it must be sprayed with a solution of a biostimulator. Planting roots is best in the warmed land. At a depth of 20 cm, the temperature of the soil should not be below +10 degrees.

    To get a good harvest, plant potatoes should be in one row. You can use a hoe to create a furrow 15 cm deep. Tubers are laid out every 30-40 cm. After that, they are covered with earth. The second row can be done in 40-45 cm. At the same time, it is recommended to plant marigolds next to the potato beds, because their roots are collectors of many pests.

    Potato care

    It is equally important to take care of potatoes regularly. Water it abundantly, remove weeds from the beds, hilling them. When the sprouts of potatoes will have a height of 10-15 cm, be sure to spray them with the means "Fitosporin-M". It will prevent the occurrence of late blight. After that, you will need to sprinkle potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle.You can use the following tools for this: "Confidor", "Aktar" or "Commander".

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